If this is true, and

If this is true, and not from the Onion (I got this off of ESPN), then shame on Roger. He’s worried that they’d take away his Hummer? Isn’t the guy worth $50M? Clemens is taking the weekend to decide whether he’d like to pitch for the Astros, where he would join friend Andy Pettitte, he told local talk show hosts from KKRW-FM Radio. Rumors have been circulating since Clemens announced his retirement that he would unretire and pitch near home for the Astros. Clemens is technically a free agent, and can sign with any major league team. When Pettitte decided on the Astros Thursday, that likely added to Clemens’ motivation. Clemens and Pettitte were best friends on the Yankees. However, Clemens was concerned that his Yankees’ farewell gift — a Hummer — would be taken away if he decided to resume his career.

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