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If you have the urge

If you have the urge to refer to Dan Shaughnessy’s column in the Times today, please don’t. He’s notorious in Boston for the habit of eventually hating every star that ever comes through town, from Clemens to Nomar now to Pedro, and picking as many fights as possible with them. Funny that now that Clemens is a “mature Yank”, just three years removed from being 37 years old and headhunting Piazza, he’s all of a sudden the picture of maturity. If Dan could write in the lineup card you’d probably have Burkett starting every game and 9 Merlonis. Ignore him – he’s a bad-weather friend, and I can’t stand reading him anymore – now he has to come show up in my morning paper here in NYC. My guess is that if the Sox had won the game, Dan would be saying what a great move it was for Pedro to fire up the team, all the while holding back a vilification for the moment he messes up. For a really good column, read William Rhoden on the DH in today’s paper, though please note that a picture of Ivan Rodriguez calming Sosa down after a knockdown does take the column down a notch…you’ll understand what I mean after reading it.

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