The new Hall ballot is out, and there’s one player Yanks and Sox fans should be able to agree on: Wade Boggs, whose bronzed plaque is well earned. Let’s hope he goes in with a blank cap, as the original immortals did. Also up for enshrinement: Ryne Sandberg, Bruce Sutter, the Goose, Jim Rice, Andre Dawson, and Donnie Baseball–all worthy candidates.

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  • Better question: will Margo Adams be at the induction ceremony!?
    Boggs was amazing to watch, and it was only after a few years, the “Delta Force” incident, and the Margo saga that I realized that he was also a industrial-grade a-hole, a narcissist without compare. The whole horse-riding thing after the World Series title was an embarassment to Boggs, in this poster’s opinion, even worse was the “I am going into the Hall as a D-Ray” after signing with his hometown club for one last year. Boggs should be a unanimous pick, in my opinion, despite all these foibles, as he was probably the best pure contact hitter I have ever seen.

    SF November 30, 2004, 10:23 am

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