Impaled in Anaheim

We’d be upset about this one, but things have been going so swimmingly, and there were so many positive signs last night (the continuing Giambi Renaissance, a solid Unit outing, continued hitting from the meat of the order) that we’re finally thinking things might be looking up for our Bombers. You can’t win every night, and our boys have been skated through more than one late inning jams over the last week. So, yeah, we need some middle relief help. And some wheels in center. And a starter. But everybody has needs. Needs, needs, needs.

Meanwhile, rumors abound that Big Stein wants Leo Mazzone as pitching coach for next year. And check out the new transaction ticker created by our pals at Metsblog.

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  • I looked at the team statistics. The Yanks and Sox continue neck and neck for runs scored, not only for the season, but also for the week and the month.
    Not only that, but the Sox ERA is WAY ahead of the Yankee ERA, for the season, the month and the week. What does this say? That in order to catch up, our guys were really coming through when it counted. Asking them to do that for the rest of the year is asking a lot. Moose seems tuned up, and Big Unit is doing a lot better, but has back problems and has never been the dominant crusher the he’s been for the last ten years.
    Otherwise, some combination of Pavano, Wright and Brown better get their acts together, and Leiter better not be a one game pitcher. Pitch to a 4 ERA and he can win a lot of games the rest of the season.
    Check out the last month and last week team statistics. Toronto is the hot offense, but the Yanks just left them in the dust. Interesting season.

    john yf July 22, 2005, 1:19 pm
  • Then there’s the middle relief. Despite last night’s grand slam, Flash has been great, and Sturtze and Mo as good as one could want. As Sterling points out, Flash pitched the equivalent of a no-hitter in 27 innings of relief.

    john yf July 22, 2005, 1:22 pm

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