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In Progress: Rangers-Yanks Gamer I

Vlad knocked in Michael Young off CC in the top of 1, Capn scored on a PB to tie it up in the bottom half of the frame.  Comment away.

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CC’s night before the delay:
58 strikes and 15 balls over 6 innings including 9 Ks, 0 BBs, and first-pitch strikes thrown to 17 of the 20 batters he has faced.
Teix hitless yet again but no matter – Jeter, Cervelli, and Thames have 2 apiece and the Yanks go into the delay with a 5-1 lead.
I was supposed to be there but was foiled by the rain and unreliable fair-weather fan-friends. Next best thing: check out YFSF.

I don’t know what’s more enjoyable with this team – CC being a true ace or watching Granderson mash. Just two very fun players that I’m glad play for my team. The only question is who’s number do I put on my next jersey?

“…It’s kinda weird …”
sure is, especially since most of the damage is being done by the bottom half of the lineup…i’ll take it though, because when those guys inevitably cool off, the other guys will hopefully heat up…

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