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In Which Piglet Gets Knocked Out in the Second : Sox-Tigers Gamer I


We love AA Milne, but tonight we'd rather see pulled pork than read a cute story about bears, owls, and sad donkeys.

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Lead-off double for Pedroia? RBI single for Drew before I can type it?

This is a small strikezone. If it stays this way for Daisuke it’s going to be a long night.

It’s my right as a YFSF poster to post in the Red Sox game thread until we Yankee fans get our own. Read the constitution! It’s all there.

I love Eckerseley so much: “That was a 2-1 hard biting slider. Sometimes 2-1 you get a guy who is up there thinking ‘Hey, let’s party!’ but Thomas doesn’t want to party at all.”

Good pitch called a ball. Consistently small zone so far.
HEY! A double play! Work that high WHIP magic Daisuke!

Hey look Daisuke threw a ball right down the middle and Cabrera drives in a run.
What the fucking fuck guys? Get off your ass Tito.

I can deal with players playing badly. That’s understandable. But Tito needs to be walking guys like Miguel fucking Cabrera when 1st is open and the two guys next in the lineup are hitting below .270

Oh jesus, several fans screaming “STEROIDS!” at Ortiz.
This is depressing as hell.

Ortiz opposite-field single. Good piece of hitting there.

Varitek follows suit! It’s an old-timer barrage!
Ellsbury gets an infield single. I like this.

It’s an old-timer barrage!
Woo hoo – as an old timer, I like this….

Looks like we’re going to be playing the “How many runners can we strand?” game tonight.

HEHEHE there’s a squirrel running circles around Drew in right field.
It sure beats midges/seagulls.

I think what you mean is “Hey, Daisuke has only given up one wild pitch so far! Hooray!”

Papi getting heckled pretty badly. I’m usually thick-skinned to this stuff, but hearing it directed at Papi really stings.
And then he GIDP, sort of.

Ellsbury rips a single. How about we steal a base? Haven’t done that since the 27th.

Ah, 2 out walk, followed by a double and the hot Cruz homers to give the Rangers a 3-2 lead. Murphy also singles, so with 2 outs, 4 players got on base..

Good baserunning by Ellsbury to get to third after the throw as well.
This is the non-dumbass baseball I like to see.

Wow, more bad baserunning: Granderson was stealing 2nd on that hit, and was almost at third when Drew caught it at the warning track. Easy DP ends the inning.

Goddamnit, stop showing commercials and get back to the game.
They do this a few times a week.

Way to walk the guy hitting .231. Lame. No pitch over 90, Dice-K doesn’t have enough velocity spread to fool people.

Daisuke: “I’m ahead in the count 1-2, so I’ll throw two straight balls to make things interesting”

Daisuke walks the 8 and 9 hitters., please come back so I can at least listen to Eck accidentally call Masterson “masturbate”

Unforgivable, walking the 8/9 hitters to start the inning. Get him out, Tito. Time for Buchholz. Maybe Dice should go back on the DL and try to recapture arm strength or something.

Daisuke has officially recovered his 2008 form: 9 runners through 5 innings, but only 1 run given up. Great success.

Hey a fastball right down the middle, and Ortiz starts swinging after it’s in the fricken glove.

I am LOVING Ellsbury’s at-bats lately. 8 pitches and he slaps a single into left field. He used to only pull the ball, but this year he’s really gone to the opposite field. He’s really maturing, though his numbers don’t show it yet.

Drew hits it to the one place where a run couldn’t score: the pitcher. Good hustle to get out of the double-play though

Youk hit by a fastball on the first pitch. Hey Bay, get The Bearded One some revenge please?

Bay hits it to the hole. good defense to force the runner at 2nd. Thank you for the free runs, the hitters did jack shit.

Let’s see: Dice-K at 96 pitches. Bullpen rested. 4-5-6 coming up. I’d let him face one guy, see what happens. That’s it, though.

Not only that, but they have the best record in the AL.
I agree with the 1-runner hook for Daisuke. But Delcarmen is in instead.
Whatever, we’re up 5-1.

You know, with a 4-run lead I’m surprised Masterson didn’t come in to go a few innings.

Remember when MDC only threw fastballs? It’s nice to see him using the curve/changeup a lot more.

Another fastball, another Ortiz strikeout.
Tito neds to go old-yeller on his ass.

Halladay at 116 pitches sent out for the 9th, with only a 2-run lead. That man is insane.

The serious answer: Dunn, Guerrero, Cantu
The sad because it’s true answer: anyone

Halladay gets two quick K’s, then gives up a single to Morales. Still out there despite being at 131 pitches.

Halladay strikes out the side in the 9th, 14 K’s in a complete-game gem. 4 ER, sure, but still.

Yes he was, IBM. Yes he was.
Adam Dunn has a double off Lincecum tonight. OPS’ing .971

Great fastball from Paps, slapped into center for a single. Lotta movement on that pitch.

Only one of those singles was earned, the other two were cheap as hell. At least he’s ahead of Anderson.

Papelbon strikes out the side. What a great Daisuke impression.
500 wins for Tito. Good times.

The Sox better figure out what’s wrong with Papelbon, because they don’t have much of a chance in the playoffs with him like this as the closer.

Yeah, Papelbon gave up a broken-bat hit, a check-swing hit and a dribbler past our defensive black hole at short before striking out the side. I didn’t see much wrong with what he did.

“I didn’t see much wrong with what he did.”
Paul, I didn’t see much I liked with what he did, yeah he got out of it, but for the second straight game he had to get out of a jam in the ninth, this is in comparison to the JONATHAN PAPELBON we have all come to expect to see striding to the mound in the 9th
Paps hasn’t looked like the DOMINANT Paps we all know and love for at least the last month now. Papelbon has had to throw WAY too many pitches in virtually every appearance in that time. Giving up hits walks and even runs at times, badly blowing that one save and giving up two runs in back to back appearances.
Listen, the results haven’t been all that bad but while his hits per inning haven’t changed much from last year he’s already given up 12 walks so far this year when he only walked 8 all last season!
Paps’ pitches per inning this year are WAY up versus his career. His strikeouts are down a bit, opponent Avg. is up 46 percentage points vs his career and 22 point vs last year.
AND, he’s given up 3 dingers already this year a third of the way into the season, when he’s averaged 4 a year for his career (4 last year) and had a career high of 5 in 2007.
Now, I’m not saying that he’s washed up, or that I’d rather have anyone else closing out the 9th for me, but what I am saying is this: Something isn’t quite right with him. What it is I don’t know, but I do know this, his control just isn’t what it has been. Again, I love Paps, but it just isn’t the same guy right now.
It’s obvious, it concerns me and I hope Paps can regain the form that has sewn up so many Sox victories for us and made a Sox lead in the 9th a relaxing experience.

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