In and Out

We humbly submit that the only appropriate meal at the ballpark is a dirty-water dog and a beer (supplemented, of course, by peanuts, a pretzel, and cracker jack), these acquired from a roving vendor. Peregrinating around the stadium during play in search of Yankee Sushi? Not smart. But for those looking for finer fare, New York Magazine suggests these options.

Meanwhile, we wonder how many of these contraptions might be found in MLB lockers. (Note: Interesting that you can change the skin tone—”black,” “flesh,” or “latino”—but not, ahem, the size. Oh, the indignity.)

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  • I’m not eating Cracker Jacks again until they put them back in the box where they belong.
    I don’t remember from my last trip to The Toilet, but up here at Fenway they sell only Cracker Jacks in the new crap bag. It’s a shame, a total shame and somebody should lose their job over that decision.

    LocklandSF June 19, 2006, 2:59 pm

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