Inevitability: Sox-Rays Gamer II

Stranger things have happened than blowing an 8.5-game lead with 16 to play, but I feel fairly confident at this point in saying: the Sox are going to win the division this year. That is crazy, and I’ll save effusive remarks for when it actually happens, but I’m beginning to feel the glow that comes with certainty.

Good thing too, as Dempster (who theoretically is shoved from the rotation at this point, but is giving the recently struggling Doubront some rest) goes up against Cobb. It’s a probable win for the floundering Rays, but baseball’s baseball, and Dempster could suddenly turn it on and K ’em all. Comment away.

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  • I legitimately giggled when Maddon brought in the artist formerly known as Fausto with 2 on and 1 out last night in the 10th. 4-pitch walk (Napoli), first-pitch grand slam (pinch-hitting Carp). Yeah, nice job, you hipster-glasses-wearing fool. Magic #: 8. Who cares if it’s helping the Yankees? Not me. Win again today!

    Devine September 12, 2013, 11:11 am

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