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Injury Season

Sox fans got their bad news and now here's some for Yanks fans:

Looks like Xavier Nady is done for the whole year.

The Nady injury is a big problem for the Yanks. New York loses depth, offense and versatility. At this moment, Melky is the fourth outfielder. The bench is seriously thin.

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Love Swish, but this is obviously a blow. Perhaps not a huge blow, but a blow, especially with Matsui struggling a bit. Who would you bring up?

is anyone watching the game? I imagine with everyoen wearing 42, it’s going to be confusing.

According to RAB both Russo and A-Jax were pulled from the game today in the 3rd inning. Doesn’t mean that either are coming, but could be a sign.
I don’t really think it hurts the Yankees other than it’s a blow to their depth. Nady is a nice player, but not someone that you lose all hope in your season over. Sure Nady mashes lefties, but overall he’s not a superstar caliber player that cannot be replaced. Maybe the Mike Cameron talks begin again, maybe the call up A-Jax and he plays everyday and Gardner goes to the bench. For now, Swisher is on fire, so ride the wave for now.

Yeah, I see this as more of a lucky break for the Yankees, much like the Lugo injury was for the Sox. Swisher starting every game is a huge step up from Nady, though you do lose some in your fourth OF production.

Honestly, I think Swisher was well on his way to starting every day and that Nady’s role was going to be more off the bench and in a platoon setting. BUT, there is something that’s very worrisome about the early season. His name is Hideki Matsui. It’s possible that he’s through. In that case, having Nady as an option at DH would have been nice.

Worst case scenario if Matsui can’t hit, you play Posada at DH on a more regular basis. The biggest concern for me is the health/well being/ability of Wang. Losing him or not getting him right is the type of blow that would really make me worry about the long season ahead. Everything else short (offensively) is really just a bump in the road and par for the course in a 162 game MLB season.

If you’re playing Posada at DH, then you have Molina in. That’s much worse than having Nady as the DH and Posada as the catcher, especially in terms of offense.
I’m not the biggest fan of Nady but this injury is significant b/c of hom much it hurts the depth and offense of the team.

Agreed 100% it hurts the depth, but offensively I still think with or without Nady in the lineup the Yankees have enough fire power to win. Ideally yes, Matsui would be able to hit and hit well so that Posada does not have to DH. Think of it this way right now you have Gardner and Ransom/Pena as sub-par offensive options, once A-Rod comes back you’d have the same thing Gardner and Molina, with Posada at DH. I think in the end it comes down to the bullpen and starting pitching, I stand behind my belief that any offensive loss can be negated or balanced out by good pitching.

Not two weeks into the season and both clubs could have sorely used this guy:
The Sox even moreso. They were willing to spend 180M on a 1B to improve the offense. Then the backup plan was to spend <10M on assorted parts? Carter then Anderson could help, but only if they're willing to feature one of them in a rotation with Lowell and Ortiz. Are they? You tell me.
I'm not happy about Nady. But with him gone, the Yankee bench is indeed very thin and, worse than the Sox, they have nothing ready. Jackson needs a full year in AAA learning plate discipline. They rushed Melky out of all of his options. And Jackson is older and less advanced. But you reap what you sow when you go into a season with Cody Ransom as your top bench bat while guys like Gruds and DeRosa are floating around for spare change.

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