Injury is a big concern,

Injury is a big concern, for both the Sox and the Yankees, who both have a large number of veteran players with troubling histories. And the Blue Jays are another concern. With the Cy Young winner, two of the league’s top hitters, a decent supporting cast, and a savvy gm, they might just wind up as a dark horse challenger for, at least, the wild card slot. With 19 games against divisional opponents, they will certainly be in position to be spoilers in a close race. But the main concern is of course the Petey/Pedro/Derek problem. Keeping up with that trifecta, plus Wakefield, is going to be very difficult indeed. Who will come after Moose, Vasquez, Pettitte–Lieber? Contreras? Wells? Weaver? Hard to be confident with any of these solutions right now. Paging Rocket!

Posted by YF on 12/4/2003 04:54:38 PM