Instant Respect

I haven’t paid much attention, and I shamefully can’t even name him, but the new manager of the Toronto Blue Jays has my respect. He got it instantly, tonight, during the bottom of the 7th inning against the Red Sox. 2 outs, Manny on first, 2-2 count, and Ted Lilly hits David Ortiz in the hands. Ortiz immediately starts mouthing off to Lilly, who walks towards home plate, jawing back. Ortiz, idiotically, thought Lilly was trying to hit him, even though the pitch, high and in, was maybe 6 inches off the inside black. Lilly, idiotically, and instead of keeping his trap shut and getting the ball back from the ump, thought it wiser to try to yap at Ortiz.

As players began moving off the bench, the Blue Jays manager immediately ran out to Lilly and started shoving him back towards the mound, telling him to shut the hell up. Smart man. Ortiz was at fault here, he had no right complaining, and Lilly should have let him run himself out of the game, which he might have done if left unattended. The Jays’ manager knew this, and looked to be instructing Lilly how to deal with the situation. An excellent example of a manager who understood the situation, who understood his player needed some guidance. Who knows if the guy can manage a staff, or call for sacrifices at the right time, but he sure seems to understand how to deal with his players, at least based on the one example I saw tonight.

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