Intelligent Design?

Owing to the day-to-day job as a designer of all things insignificant, I stumbled across this snoozer of an event during one of my google-filled down periods, an all-day seminar run by the folks at the AIGA.  Luckily for the AIGA, they chose a great venue, and had the smarts to include the talented Janet Marie Smith on the panel. Tom Shieber, whose job description as the "Curator of New Media" at the BHOF, also sounds like someone worth showing up for .  As for the rest of the participants?  Would you pay $125 bucks to sit and listen to design book editors prattle on about our national pastime?

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  • I’ll be there!
    Off topic, but your title reminded me of this page and it’s very funny:

    Nick August 5, 2005, 10:49 am
  • I night have to go out a buy a pirate costume now, Nick. We have to stop global warming, don’t you think?
    That was certainly a strange article, to say the least, but very funny. Thank you for that. (And this is the only time I will ever thank a Yanks fan for anything, so savor it.)

    Laura August 5, 2005, 11:29 am

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