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With last night's trouncing of the Phillies, NY is now tied in the Beast with the Rays while Boston kept pace by besting the 'Backs and is four out of first.  It's interesting to note that the Sox's .576 winning percentage would put them in first place in the AL West, NL East, NL Central, and be effectively tied in the AL Central, while pacing a speck behind the the Padres in the NL west.

Beast indeed.

Comment away on tonight's action or whatever butters your parsnip.

3 replies on “Interbeleagured”

I’m pretty much already over it. I hate the interleague play. It’s nice for a few “rivalry” type games, but honestly, what good does it do Houston or Philly to have to come into the AL East and play a style of baseball they’re not built to play. Let that challenge present itself in October, not June.
I wish Paul from Waltham would come back, so he could tell us all how terribly flawed the Red Sox are this year, and how they may finish in fourth place (which by the way may happen) but I really miss the big lug.

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