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Is The Season Too Long? Yanks-Halos Gamer

Seems they are playing like it is. Maybe 154 games or less is a good idea. Freddy Garcia and Ervin Santana are pitching in Anaheim, while the Rays are scorching the Sox at the Trop.  Comment away.

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Fun way to end a game.. Romine squeezes a pop fly in foul territory for the first out. Aybar hits a chop for an infield single and a 4-4 day. Then a 5-3 DP by Cano, brought in in the ninth for his D to seal the win and save 599 for mo.

About effing time. They have not only been losing but losing rather brutally with the extra innings, late inning 1-run gut-punchers, and all around offensive ineptitude.
Also I do not want A-Rod back right now. His thumb hurts every time he swings the bat. He already came back too soon for it. What in the world is will he accomplish by coming back too soon again in 4 days other than to take up the clean-up spot with weak hitting? Just sit him for at least the next 10 days or so to see if this thing can really heal.
I assume the rest of the offense will rebound once they get some rest, which they won’t get from the schedule but they could get if Girardi just continues what he is doing – giving every call-up plenty of playing time and sitting one or more starting position players per game.
Catcher is a big fat concern and this is not the time of year to have to figure out who your catcher will be going forward.
But can’t be anything but thrilled with the position they’re in here in mid-September regardless of the recent slump. On the Seattle and King Felix tomorrow…

It’s hard to believe that the Red Sox still have the third-best record in baseball. I feel like they’re quickly playing themselves out of what seemed like a sure-thing playoff spot.

The Sox do still own the 3rd best record in the majors as you cite Atheose. I was getting anxious watching the Yankees’ last week but am well aware that the Sox’ last week and a half has been substantially worse both in terms of results and in terms of how much seems to be going wrong with them these days.
This one off-day may provide the necessary buffer between the suck and the winning. Either way, as a casual watcher of the Sox and therefore not someone particularly well-informed — and certainly not intended to bait anyone into an argument — it seems like the Sox have underperformed notwithstanding injuries.
The injuries are certainly real and nothing throws that in your face more than who they’ve had to run out to the mound the past weeks and in the coming week. But I’ve also seen some truly head-scratching in-game decisions by Francona on several of the occassions when I’ve focused on their play this year. And the pen has been surprisingly poor (do they have a LOOGY?) and is now being extra-taxed, which doesn’t help.
I don’t really see any problems on the offensive side – they score tons of runs notwithstanding periodic slumps that all teams experience. And for every Crawford – whose poor performance has frankly shocked me – there is an A-Gon, who has been MVP-worthy.
To me – again a casual observer – the Sox underperformed on the whole when their rotation was mostly-healthy which left teams (Yanks, Rays) closer to them than they should have been when the Sox rotation went into the sick-bay. Then the fill-in starters and even some of the stallwarts really stumbled, and they are a bit stuck in that right now.
No way do I think htey don’ tmake the playoffs (too many Rays-Yanks games to go which only help Boston, not to mention many Sox-Orioles left).
I assume that if Beckett, Lester, and Bedard can all get healthy and pitch moderately close to their potential, they’ll very quickly be a force again. The alternative to those guys seems pretty bad now. Incidentally, if Bucholz definitely out for the remainder or is there still a chance he returns? That would obviously also be a massive shot to the arm.
As for the Yankees, notwithstanding whatever warts they have – and they have plenty – they have to-date, in my view, outperformed expectations, esp from the mound.

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