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This Vote Is In…

Jeter wins the Gold Glove at short. Congratulations Derek.

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Wow, two pathetic voting results in one day. Is there no justice in this country? I mean, seriously, Cristian Guzman is superior in almost every way. Did the BBWA use Diebold machines?

You got it! Capt. Mr. Jeter deserves this one whole heartedly! I hear he told Mr. Roberts, when he stole the base, You’re one helluva player to sit on the bench for 8 innings then to get up and run like that, that’s amazing. I can name 10 yankees who wouldn’t confess that sort of a thing espically since the yankees were down when this happened.

SF is way off base here. Guzman, even playing on a turf field, did not have better numbers than Derek. Their total chances are practically identical. Derek was superior in both range and zone factors. There are reasonable arguments for other players (Crosby or Tejada, for example), but claiming Guzman is a clear winner over Jeter is not credible. Derek had an excellent defensive year, capped by a few tremendous plays (the dive into the stands against the Sox, clearly helped him with voters). Tejada nearly doubled Derek’s error total (13 to 24), and that derailed his candidacy. Crosby, a rookie, also made more errors.
SF is just going to have to get over the fact that Derek is a good fielder, and not the “horrible defensive player” that SF has called him in the past. Yankee fans have been eating plenty of humble pie over the past couple of weeks. It’s time for SF to grab a slice.

That one good play (the dive into the stands) can have impact on a Gold Glove voting, as YF supposes was the case, shows just how lame an award it is. Remember Palmeiro winning at first a couple of years ago when he played 50 games in the field, the rest at DH? And this year – Erstad? Jeter? This is now an award given based on ESPN webgems, on dramatic dives into the stands, and not on a real understanding of fielding prowess. Jeter, though improved this year, did not deserve the award.

And YF, get your story right – Guzman (and yes, Tejada) had superior numbers to Jeter. Guzman, for the record, had a better range factor, more assists, and in 9 fewer games. And he plays half his games on turf which, yes, give truer bounces, but also restrict the range of the fielder. So for Guzman to best Jeter by .3 in that category is not insignificant. Are you a member of the faith-based sector? Reality-based analysis shows that you are simply wrong in your allegations.

Excuse me for reading the RF table incorrectly. Notwithstanding, the idea that Guzman was clearly superior to Derek is ridiculous, and we still haven’t seen a retraction from SF re his contention that our man is a “horrible defensive player.” And if you want to talk about hypocracy….why is it that in the MVP voting presumed value-to-team counts BIG TIME in SF Land, but when the Gold Glove rolls around, Jeter’s brilliant plays at crucial moments go right out the window?
Who is the best defensive shortstop in the AL? If I had one pick it would be Tejada. Crosby is a comer. But their skill doesn’t diminish Jeter’s. He had a great year with the glove. Deal with it.

He’s “improved”, as I stated earlier. From terrible to average. Not from average to Gold Glove. There, happy?
And how do you like THIS for a little turnabout? 2000!!!!

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