It’s a done deal…or maybe

It’s a done deal…or maybe it’s not. Who knows. With Colon gone, the Yankees long game–if they had one–has officially backfired. And let’s be frank: the Yankees’ situation is dire without Pettitte. The Sox have added one blue chip to their rotation. Th e Yankees, thus far, have added one (Vazquez) but also lost one (Roger). If Pettitte departs, they will be down one. And even if they add Kevin Brown, they will only be even (or perhaps slightly ahead, if we see Brown as an improvement on Pettitte). So if the Yankees want to keep up in this arms race, they need Pettitte and Brown. Also, has anyone talked to Bernie Williams about his presumed switch to DH? If he’s unhappy, that could be a big, big problem. He has a huge salary, and he can’t be traded without consent (10/5 rule). I love Bernie. He has been one of the linchpins of the Yankee dynasty. But you have to wonder about what he could provide in terms of young talent on the market (especially for a contending, NL team). Earlier this winter, Berroa would have been available, as well as JT Snow: in otherwords, a young star in center, and a solid defensive player at first (with a Yankee pedigree) who would allow Giambi to assume his natural slot at DH. The longterm signature of Matsui doomed Bernie. He cannot move to left, at least not as a Yankee. P

Posted by YF on 12/11/2003 10:34:15 AM

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