It’s been four hours now

It’s been four hours now since that fiasco concluded and I’m still having a hard time keeping the blood pressure below 4 digits, but here are some thoughts: 1: You could see Nixon’s home run coming when White tossed that hanging curve on the first pitch of his at bat. 2: Giambi simply can not catch up to high heat. That K with Sori and Derek on 2nd and 3rd respectively was the fulcrom point of the game. 3: If the Yankees go down to Boston tomorrow, I suspect–and hope–we’ll have seen the last of Aaron Boone. I assume we’ll see Wilson tomorrow against Pedro. 4: Nomar. Are you still ready to put him on the block? 5: If ever there was a series that demonstrated the importance of getting ahead in the count, this is it..

Posted by YF on 10/16/2003 12:08:40 AM