It’s Good to Be the King (of New York)

YFSF goes tabloid tawdry today: the good folks at point us to some very revealing pictures of Derek’s new squeeze, Vanessa Minnillo. Boys will be boys.

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  • Ah, another easy opening in the Derek vs. Nomar debate. Derek dates airhead pinups, Nomar marries an All-American college grad who created a bone marrow disease research foundation. Next softball, please.
    The best STUFF Magazine can come up with for Vanessa is that she “has attended about 7 different schools, and did well at them all”. Yay, Vanessa!
    And we all know Mia’s divorced, so there goes that retort for YF, as if that even matters.

    SF April 14, 2004, 1:44 pm
  • For shame, SF. Pinup, yes, but who said anything about airhead?! It’s the New Feminism.
    Anyway, this brings up a useful point. One of the reasons Derek is so popular here in the Big Apple is because he actually seems to be enjoying the fruits this great city has to offer–Ms. Minnillo included. And why shouldn’t he? He’s young. He’s got the cash. He’s not hurting anybody (just a few broken hearts, but Mariah’s doing fine now). And despite The Boss’s accusations, there’s no reason to believe the “socializing” has ever got in the way of his play on the field.
    [As I write Derek has just singled and advanced to second on an outfield misplay–typical heads up baserunning from the Captain.]
    Contrast this to so many other local sports stars, who cash the huge checks New York makes possible, but refuse to live within its borders–opting instead for suburbia–and then move away as soon as their tenure here is over (see Pettitte, Andy).
    So if Derek wants to live at Trump Tower and lounge at a dark table in the smoky recesses of Sushi Samba–well, that’s just fine by me…
    He loves New York. We love him right back.

    YF April 14, 2004, 2:00 pm
  • Hey, Stuff Magazine is providing the character content, not me. Live vicariously, if you must.

    SF April 14, 2004, 2:35 pm

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