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JB or JB

One of these guys was always overvalued at rotisserie drafts.  The other guy probably still is.

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One of these guys was undervalued by the Yanks.
Interesting comp. I feel like Buhner’s offensive game was more power-based and Bay’s is more based on OBP, but I could see them having similar value.

Bay is, without much doubt, a better player – he runs a bit more, OPSs a bit more, not sure about the fielding though (he’s not a great fielder). But the Ks, the low average, the general power level (but for Buhner’s three, uh, big years) seems quite similar. And I always remember Buhner being WAY overvalued at our rotisserie drafts. It’s not that he wasn’t valuable, it’s that he was overvalued, significantly. Bay is having his WORST non-injury impacted season, and in a park that should favor him. I am not sure we should be looking at Bay as kindly as we have been. That hot start might have been deceptive, and delayed a more realistic assessment of where Bay is headed.

Nice comparison. Buhner gets dinged in OPS+ because of his last few years. They’re pretty close. Bay is really hurting his off-season contract. Interesting that his top comp is Matsui.
I might prefer the Yankees to sign Blalock for DH/1B/3B. Plus he’s a lefty and with AJax and Montero they’ll be moving away from lineup balance. Dunn still works too. He’d be a beast in the Bronx. If not, that’s a pretty woeful Yankee OF in 2010 – Jackson, Melky, Gardner, and Swisher even as the defense would be very good.

Ooof. And another one down.
Does this bury Papi further or free him?
It will be interesting to see how WEEI spins this. I’m guessing they turn on Selig.

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