Jim Kaat Wacky Idea of the Day

We love Jim Kaat. Really. If we could have a night out drinking with any one announcer, Good Ol’ Kitty, with his endless font of stories, would be right there at the top of the list. Hell, we wouldn’t even mind seeing him in the Hall—283 wins and 16 gold gloves should get you somewhere. And just look what he did in ’66.

But as much as we love him…he sure does have some strange ideas. And every game he seems to let loose with at least one douzy, leaving Michael Kaye, Ken Singleton, and the rest of us just a bit dumbfounded. His subjects vary—pitching, sabermetrics, rap music—but if you listen closely, you’ll be sure to catch at least one every nine innings.

So here we begin a regular feature on YFSF, and we ask you to feel free to write in with nominations. But, to get us started, here is Jim Kaat’s Wacky Idea of the Day for Thursday, August 5, 2004:

There should be no amateur draft in baseball. It should all be done by scouting.

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