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Joba The Bullet Dodger: Yanks-Rangers Gamer II

Why do they call him the Bullet-Dodger?
‘Cause he dodges bullets, Avi.

Actually, Joba didn’t quite dodge the bullet, but the Yankees seem to have dodged the worst of the repercussions after he got drilled by Adam Jones in his last start. Joba is on the bump tonight against Texas, who send Kevin Millwood in Arlington.

Lineups follow, comment away.

NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .284
J. Damon lf .312
M. Teixeira 1b .273
A. Rodriguez 3b .259
R. Cano 2b .315
M. Cabrera cf .323
H. Matsui dh .241
N. Swisher rf .225
F. Cervelli c .306
J. Chamberlain 3.70
I. Kinsler 2b .278
M. Young 3b .337
J. Hamilton dh .260
N. Cruz rf .294
D. Murphy lf .229
M. Byrd cf .282
C. Davis 1b .200
J. Saltalamacchia c .252
O. Vizquel ss .372
K. Millwood 3.12

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Melky hurt his shoulder running into the wall. Looks like he dislocated it. Guess we’ll be seeing Gardner in center for a while.
GREAT PLAY by A-Rod! Take that hip doubters!

Dammit! The old jinx a kid by talking good about him. Better Melky than Hughes though.

Finally a fastball at 92…for his 25th pitch of the inning.
Still, what gives? No fastball command tonight?

Joba clearly doesn’t trust the fastball – threw 5 straight sliders to Byrd. Hangs the final one, lined into RF for a 2 RBI single. They really need to get this first inning crap straightened out. He needs to come out throwing harder than 91.

Oh and the Melky thing is a fucking blow. Seems like every time there is a rain delayed game we get a serious injury when they decide to wait it out and get it in.

Joba belongs in the pen…period. The kid can’t get through 6 innings ever and gives up runs early. Throw sorry-ass Wang in there and take your chances. Either way, we’re finished. Oh and Melky is dead too…f-ing great. This game is over.

krueg – don’t start that nonsense here. I don’t have the patience to explain why 6 innings > 1 inning. And Wang can’t even pitch out one inning of the pen at this point.

kreug, Joba’s problem is not his stuff late in the game, it’s his stuff early on. How would that translate to the bullpen?

He never pitches 6 innings Rob!
We have no bridge to Mo…Joba provides that. His worth as a starter on a season long leash, coupled with the fact that we blow out the bullpen with every start seems to me to be a no-brainer??? Glad you are open to debate though Rob…what is this, Russia circa 1952???

Wow, Gardner turns 1st into 3rd. When do we start the who’s better – Ellsbury or Gardner – thread?

Joba never pitches 6 innings? He’s pitched at least 6 four times this year!
Of course Matsui strikes out…when he’s cold, he might as well be Cody Ransom.

Lol kreug, Yankee fans are quite touchy about the Joba argument. We’re just scared that he might actually be put in the bullpen…which would be one of the more horrible things to happen to this ballclub.

Well Singleton thought Monahan may have been popping Melky’s shoulder back in – if that’s true and it was dislocated, it’s 4-12 weeks depending on the severity. Ugh.

Keep talking and I’ll have your tongue cut out (or your fingers off).
Seriously, there’s no debate. A bridge is useless is the road is in ruins. So far this year, Joba is their second-best starter.

Sucks about Melky, but great news in that Posada is coming back a lot sooner than I or anyone else expected him to…that will more than balance out the difference between what Melky would have given and what Gardner gives.

91 MPH fastball???? What the hell is wrong with him??? Having to go to secondary pitches in the first inning??? He is going to get ROCKED tonight…

Eh, Melky could have declined to bad production. The only peripheral that’s better this year really is his LD%.

WEll the curve and slier look at least. WOuld be even more effective if he was at 94 though…

52 pitches through 2. Rain delay. Potentially major injury. Joba (slow start or lingering effects of the bruised knee?) looks like crap. The likelihood of seeing Brett Tomko at some point. This is looking like a brutal one.

Well Joba doesn’t come for the fifth…probably for the best, given how he looked tonight. Altough his secondary pitches looked good, never got the fastball going, which was his undoing. Oh and as I type this Ace gets 2 outs quicker than you can blink. NIce change of pace to this game.

Ace DOMINATES! How long before he goes from long man to 8th inning guy? Not long by the lok of it…

I can’t be too hard on Joba. He didn’t have great stuff tonight, but he battled and we’re still in this game.
Now Gardner gets on again. Let’s see him steal his way around again!

Swipe of second – Gardner 3/3 on the night. I still don’t feel like he reads the pitcher well or gets good jumps, but Millwood is like molasses to the plate.

Agreed. As I mentioned, his fastball was crap tonight, but h did try and battle. DEfinitely concerned about the velo drop, but gain maybe the knee was still a bit tender. He gets a pass tonight, but I’ll be concerned until his start.

Swisher K’s working on a no contact night. He is our Three True Outcomes poster boy.

Cervelli picks up the RBI single! Man watching that unfold I thought no way would Matsui score. Byrd just lobbed it back to the mound though. Oh and I totally called this thing turning!

Can’t believe they didn’t try to throw out Hideki at the plate, given his lack of speed. Tie game…I’ll take that.
Way to break up the DP, Cervelli!

In fairness, nasty front dooer comebacker from Millwood. Andespite his scorching start – we knew this is what Swish was – a very streaky hitter with high K and BB totals. It’ll be nice if Nady can come back and spell him during his cold streaks though. Buton balance, despite the slump he’s still OPSing at .855

That’s a good analysis of Swish. I wasn’t too excited about his signing, particularly after Tex was signed.
Speaking of Tex…let’s do some damage here!

and we almost lose the backup CF to the Wall as well. With our RF thrown into the mix for good measure. Still, Gardner showed some range by even being close to making the play – I though he might’ve had it if Swish wasn’t right there too. Ace trikes out Young, but a cheap Salty bloop to right scores the run

Gardner! His third hit moves Cano to third with one out. NEED to get this run home. COME ON MATSUI!

Wilson almost throws the ball away then plunks Matsui on the arm…looks like it hurt, too. MAKE HIM PAY, SWISH!

Well Ace in his third inning of work is clearly gassed…singe and a double to lead off the inning, and this one is slipping away. Can’t stay up to watch it…hopefully I will wake up tomorrow and be pleasanty surprised.

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