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Joba Time: Yanks-Royals Gamer III

Joba makes his debut as a starter this season, as the streaking Yanks take on the terminal project that is KC in the finale of a 3-game set. Royals throw Gil Meche, who's given the Yanks fits in the past and threw 7 solid against the Chisox to open the year (6ks, 1er). He'll have it relatively easy today, as well: Tex is still sidelined with tendonitis, and Damon and Posada are both getting a rest. Gardner leads off, with Cabrera, Ransom, and Molina as the Murderers Loiterers Row leading into him at the bottom of the order. Comment here…..

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Abreu you lousy piece of shit. He calls time-out at the last second, and Beckett threw the ball wild at Abreu. It was pretty obvious that it was accidental, because the ump moved RIGHT before Beckett threw the ball, but Abreu pitches a hissy fit.
Beckett yells back at him, the now the benches have cleared. Soscia is trying to get himself thrown out.

Uh oh, Soscia walks all the way up to the mound and starts yapping at Beckett, who yells back. The Angels TV guys are crying about it, “Soscia has every right to yell at Beckett. Beckett should keep his mouth shut and let Soscia vent.”
Speier just got tossed, and now Soscia follows suit. Torii Hunter puts his hands on an ump, and gets thrown out for that.
Beckett was the first one to go back to his place (the mound), and everyone seems to be blaming him for “egging it on”

This is loss is on Girardi for overmanaging, there was no reason to pull Marte in the first place for Veras in order to get the righty/righty matchup.

I gave some SFs a hard time for complaining about the schedule, but yaaa.. O’s and then KC, vs Rays then Angels. I’ll concede that one for now!

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