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Joba Time: Yanks-Tigers Gamer III

Joba Chamberlain looks for his first win on the season tonight in the rubber match at Comerica. Comment away.

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Porcello getting hit with little control, but the Yanks do not take advantage. Now one out, men on second and third, Swisher will try to do some damage..

The smaller Cabrera singles and the light hitting 3B Pena is up.
Well, if the Yanks score another 10 runs, Joba doesn’t need to dominate..

Pena singles in, and here comes the top of the order.
Say what you will about Matsui, but he’s been getting on quite a bit lately. Somehow Joe didn’t lose faith in him. Well, that and the Nady injury didn’t help.

Jeter FC’s Cabrera over, and Damon doubles, but Jeter had to stop at third. 4-1 Tesh with two outs. Just one more hit would do wonders..

I’m a little slow. But better slow than sad.. haha.. alright, still at work, so I’m going to head home now. Hopefully Joba can hold a 6 run lead.

What the.. came back from a shower and the Tigers put up 5 runs. Sure some of it probalby weren’t challenging, but still..

Wait, more embarrassing than?:
El Comedulce!” and “Bobby Abreu as sweet as candy…
“Shane Spencer! The Home Run Dispenser!”
“For the Betemit of the Yankees, Wilson hits it out”
“A Tex Message!” and “You’re on the Mark, Teixeira!”

Worst radio guy in all of sports.

Come on, guys, home runs aren’t about the player, or the team, or the game, they are about the ANNOUNCER. Haven’t you figured this out yet?

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