Joe No Go: Torre to Manage ’06 Yanks

I realize I still want to do this thing. I still want to manage….There’s only one place to manage in my estimation. It’s been the best time I’ve ever had, these 10 years.—Joe Torre

Good news. Now sign up Cash and we’re back to being one big, occassionally happy family.

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  • Joe let us down. Tell us what you really feel Joe. Instead, you’re taking the hush money.

    SF-TimD October 19, 2005, 12:01 am
  • I totally disagree. This compromise seems to me one of where Joe stated his requirements, and George went along. I have no reporting to corroborate this, it’s just my take on the situation. Depending on how this plays out in the off-season, this could be really, really good for the Yankees.
    My $0.02.

    Joe October 19, 2005, 2:55 am
  • This is such a non-story. Torre has $13M left on his deal. He holds the power. Either Steinbrenner fires Torre, has to pay him and hire somebody who can handle New York which would involve another significant contract, or Joe tells George he’s upset, doesn’t prefer to manage but he will to honor his contract, though he offers George a situation where he can buy him out for 90 cents on the dollar and free Torre to go elsewhere. Since the first one was unlikely, even for someone as demented as Steinbrenner, and the second a “not on your life” scenario, then that leaves us with only one possibility: Joe staying.
    Really, considering those two scenarios, and Torre’s track record of decency and dignity, it took 2 milliseconds and the brainpower of a monkey (which I proudly admit to having) to realize that Torre wasn’t going anywhere without George pushing him there. File this one in the “Big f*ckin whoop, New York sportswriters have nothing to talk about right now” column.
    Cashman’s a different story, though. That should be interesting. The same goes for Epstein, though I have some serious doubts about him moving on.

    SF October 19, 2005, 10:13 am
  • i was reading one of your blogs the other day and saw that someone commented on this sports dvd called city of champions or something like that. i got it online and just watched it, pretty good. thanks for the rec.

    jack October 19, 2005, 4:30 pm

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