Johnson’s fielding is decent, not

Johnson’s fielding is decent, not spectacular, but better than Giambi’s. How their time is managed will continue to be a constant issue for Torre, as Giambi hits better when he fields. Torre has a habit of sitting Johnson against lefties, but my guess is this is going to stop with Zeile struggling and Sierra, the switch, being held back for pinch duty. Johnson is too good not to play every day. Regarding the DH: I noticed some piece in the Times over the weekend in which George Will suggested that the DH, which he hates, is some politically liberal phenomena, the argument running to the effect that whore-like liberals will sell out for a little more offense while conservatives hoped to maintain the integrity of the game. He should keep his politics and his baseball separate. If anything, the DH was imposed by a group of politcally right-wing owners.

Posted by YF on 8/12/2003 02:36:30 PM