Jose Contreras, Fragile Mental Case or Sucky Pitcher?

In the spirit of YF’s post on the Derek Lowe saga, I submit the following, from today’s Times:

“Am I concerned about this? Absolutely not,” Stottlemyre said. “Five days from now, I expect him to go out and dominate whoever he’s pitching against.”

To do that, Contreras will have to be a far different pitcher than he was on Sunday. With a runner on first and no outs in the first inning, Contreras walked the next two hitters to load the bases. He got two outs and faced Millar with a chance to end the inning. But Millar dumped a two-run single to center, a pivotal moment in the game.

“He gets Millar out there, and who knows what happens the rest of the game,” Torre said. “It may have triggered something positive. But it didn’t happen, and he didn’t recover.”

I think Mel might be the only Yankee fan on Earth not concerned about Contreras. My guess is that the Diamondbacks have already crossed him off their list, unless they get him for free and George picks up the shrink bills.

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  • If this whole Big Unit thing doesn’t pan out, Brian Cashman should put in a call to John Kerry, whose first pitch had more life in it than anything that Contreras lobbed the Sox’ way.

    MJL (SF) July 26, 2004, 9:36 am