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Josh Beckett Suspended

MLB has suspended Josh Beckett for six games for his unpleasant facial hair role in the bench-clearing incident in Anaheim. 

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Saw it on ESPN – their writeup makes it seems like he deserved it. Nearly beaning Abreu during a timeout and was pretty aggressive about it, considering..

And why six games? As though they thought the extra game on top of his rotation stint would really show him? Fuck off, MLB. Next time, it’ll be a pitcher suspended 4 games for implying he’ll pitch inside.

I don’t get this – the crew chief, Joe West, said he didn’t think there was any intent behind Beckett’s throw, that it wasn’t even worth a warning if benches hadn’t cleared, but Bob Watson determines there was intent, so Beckett gets a stiff suspension AND a fine? Watson is basically saying that he knows what happened with more authority than the umpire running the game, the guy who had to deal with all the stuff on the field and who probably heard a bunch of jabber on the field that Watson didn’t.
I am not interested in complaining about victimization here, and if Beckett needs to sit then so be it, but I am really curious to know the standards with which Watson judges “intent”, how he is able to override a crew chief with such certainty, and if he will be able to apply his own standards fairly over the course of the season for every instance where a ball sails near someone’s head. I am skeptical.
West’s quote:
“Did he throw it up and in? Yeah. Do we believe he threw it at Abreu? No. Would we have warned him had both benches not emptied? Probably not, but because both benches emptied, we did issue a warning,” explained West.

I’m not saying I agree with the suspension, but watching the replays (and not the game, so feel free to correct me) Beckett was being unnecessary provocative. You shouldn’t be suspended for being an asshole, but he seemed like he was going after it after people were already trying to settle down.
Also, the post-game comment about Angels being emotional might or might not be correct, but definitely not really the thing to say..

But ya, 6 games appealed to 5 games, say, and he probably won’t miss a start if there was a doubleheader in between or something. An extra day off (or two)..

I’m pretty sure Watson is suspending him for provocation, not for throwing at Abreu’s head.

Suspended six games for being an ass? Seems like a lot of MLB players ought to be missing a lot of games this season.

I hope tomorrow I’m not issued a citation for almost speeding on my way to work…Or I hope I don’t get an added fee for almost being late at the library.
It’s exactly the same thing. No difference whatsoever.

Being suspended for provocation is an awfully slippery slope. Best of luck to Watson being equitable working that beat all season.

He was suspended for igniting the bench clearing incident by approaching Abreu when he should have just stayed on the mound. When you throw up and in and then approach the player, intent is easy to determine, even if the ump didn’t have a clue. If the ump had ejected Beckett when he approached the plate like he should have, there would likely be no suspension because the benches wouldn’t have cleared.
Beckett’s a Bozo, I back it up with facts at my blog:

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