Junior Returns!

YF was out hobnobbing with the glitterati last night (Lizzy Grubman, looking freshly bleached and thankfully without SUV at a certain West Village “gastropub”), and missed the action live, but we were nonetheless heartened to read of yet another home run by Ken Griffey, Jr.: his 11th of the season and career 492nd. Is there a more splendid swing in the game? We think not. It’s nice to see the erstwhile greatest player in the game returning to form. And at 34, he still has plenty of time to add to his resume.

Meanwhile, we had a chance to review some of the events in Yankeeland on YES Rewind. Derek’s 1-6 might easily have been 3-6. He just can’t find a break.

And interesting mound stories for both the Sox and Yanks tonight, with Lowe and Mussina pitching respectively. Is Moose really back on his game? Will Lowe find his? We shall see….

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  • Let’s beat that dead horse, in the spirit of your post: That 37 for 190 could easily be 62 for 190. Sure….
    As for Junior, nothing would be better than seeing him stay healthy for an extended period of time. Is it me or does it seem like, despite his playing 1/2 seasons the last couple of years, he’s been out of the game entirely? Here’s wishing for some health and a solid push to the Hall.

    SF May 26, 2004, 4:20 pm
  • More Derek luck: 2-2, and the game’s in rain-delay in the 4th. Would be a shame if he loses those hits.

    YF May 26, 2004, 9:34 pm

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