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It's a good time in Yankeeland right now. You can't complain about sweeping a division series. BUT, did anyone else notice the series Johnny Damon had? He struck out 4 times last night and  looked lost the whole series. Plus he's not running down any fly balls out there. Perhaps I'm being a little premature here, but maybe Girardi should start the defensively superior Brett Gardner in his place for the Angels series, especially since the speedster seemed to do a good job of getting on the Halos' nerves this season. What do you think?

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Two thoughts:
1) Don’t overreact to a handful of plate appearances.
2) Gardner should be in as a defensive replacement late in every close game, yes.

Rob, I understand the sample size issue and basically agree, except that Damon’s been bad since the beginning of September, just very bad. Without his hitting, he’s a liability in the outfield (now someone will chime in with UZR or some other fielding stat that will surprisingly show him to be great there) and you wonder if Gardner’s strong fielding would be better for a whole game.

“…did anyone else notice the series Johnny Damon had?…”
yep…with a couple of exceptions, the yanks didn’t exactly tear it up with the bats…i just made that observation on the perish the thought thread, although i didn’t specifically mention his name, damon was one of the guys i referred to that didn’t show up for the playoffs…they better fix that if they expect to beat the angels…

If there is something physically wrong with him, then I agree with you. If not, he should start. He gets 4 days off if he’s just a little dinged up or whatever. By the way, UZR agrees with our eyes: Damon has been a liability in LF.
Melky didn’t hit much in the ALDS. Gardner over him against RHP? I could go for that.
Cano didn’t hit. Do you start Hairston over him? I sure don’t.

Swisher didn’t do much either. So, based on the ALDS, your ALCS opener lineup:
Jeter – SS
Gardner – LF
Tex – 1B
ARod – 3B
Matsui – DH
Posada – C
Hinske – RF
Hairston – 2B
Melky – CF
Ok, I’m laying it on a bit thick. I know that Damon was bad before the playoffs began. I just don’t think there’s any particular reason to believe that Damon will suck in the ALCS, unless there is an injury involved.

I think those 4 days off are going to do wonders for Damon. Let’s just hope it doesn’t cool off the bats of Jeter, A-Rod and Posada.

ok, gotta “run” back to Jakarta. Will check in when I get to a computer in about a million hours. Hopefully, everyone will agree with me by the end of this thread.

Great point Nick, Damon has been pretty bad. Honestly though I don’t think Girardi gives Damon a break in left, just my opinion. I think Melky will get a break (or two) in a this, a longer series, but not Damon. We can discuss stats, def. ratings, etc…and none of it makes a difference because it’s October and Girardi is going to go on his gut and guys track records. Certainly in theory though a change would not be unwarranted based on Damon’s performance.

I don’t think Melky will get bumped from the starting lineup. Gardner hasn’t played in place of Melky since he’s returned from the DL, so why should that change now? No, I think Girardi is very much in love with the ‘(not-so-)secret weapon’ aspect of Gardner off the bench in the late innings of a close game. And I can’t say I blame him.

I don’t know Andrew, I think in a longer series like this one you might see Gardner at least once in CF. I could be wrong, but it’s just a feeling I get.

DAMON SUCKS SO BADLY!!! If he can’t hit, he’s worthless. The guy is a total liability in LF. Hopefully he turns it around in the ALCS, he’s got the ability and track record.
I read through the thread from “the incident” and I’ve never been touched by the words of complete strangers but thanks guys…sniff, sniff, sniff… ;)
Perhaps I overreacted to the whole thing but it was harshing my mellow and I’m an emotional lug. I missed chatting with you guys but I couldn’t have possibly posted during those games…I think I had several small heart attacks and strokes!
Again, love you guys and let’s stomp some Angel ass.

Welcome back Krueg.
Anyone from YFSF going to game #2 Saturday? Let me know, I will be there. If so we can grab a beer or 2. Sam? IH?

Kreug – don’t ever do that to me again man. NEVER LEAVE YOUR WINGMAN!!!! Seriously, welcome back.
John, I’m going Friday and Saturday (woohoo!). Happy to meet up Sat. I’m in the front of the bleachers right near Mohegan Sun both days – let me know where you’ll be.
By the way, does anyone know a reliable place to get the scheduled times of these games? I was told by a friend that Friday was scheduled for 5:07pm but haven’t been able to verify on or Have they been set (this has a big bearing on who I take Friday so any help would be MUCH appreciated!!!

Same problem here IH! Is the Saturday game even set yet time wise? I just heard Saturday night.
I am in 209, right by the foul pole in RF. Row 15. If it’s a night game I will be there early, so we can meet up at the Dugout or Hard Rock.

Im going to one of the first two games, i havent decided which yet but id love to meet up if you guys are around. Like IH, I gotta see what times the games are set for…i hate they leave it to last minute like this. Lets chat about a meet up later in the week.

Damon’s had a great year, his best since he landed in the Bronx. He did what he’s done well most of his career, which is work the count and get on base.
Three games, one bad series. Small sample. Damon has a good postseason resume. Wildcat Joe knows that. Ya dance with the one that brung ya.

I think Melky has the best chance of giving Gardner playing time. Both he and Damon looked particularly clueless in the Twins series. 2nd pitch fake bunt in his 3rd at bat, with 2 outs, when they were tied was so very strange to me–it seemed like some kind of insane cry for help.

The Yanks really haven’t hit as a team this series, except for in key situations, and the big HRs (and gave up none). This has got to improve if they want to beat the Angels..

“…Perhaps I overreacted to the whole thing …”
no, you didn’t…i’ve been smashed for less by the sox fans [getting into their gamers], and they’ll be trying to jinx and hex us the whole way…you belong here…your insanity keeps us sane…you’re our talisman…guide us to the promised land…

I wouldn’t mind the Yankees only hitting in key situations. The only reason they’d be key is if it contributed a lot to a win.

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