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Just For Kicks: Rays-Yanks Gamer

Here’s the line-up for tonight:

D. Jeter SS
E. Nunez 2B
M. Teixeira DH
N. Swisher RF
A. Jones LF
J. Montero C
J. Posada 1B
B. Laird 3B
G. Golson CF

Colon pitching.


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Bases loaded, no outs in the first…
0-2 as I’m typing.
Figured we were going to lose this one.
I’m not sure who our 3rd pitcher is going to be in the Playoffs.
Fat Bartolo is done. Freddy I guess.

I decided “screw it – I’m going to the game after all”. I’m sitting here watching the Yanks’ C squad play like crap (acttually it’s the very few guys who are actually frontline players like Jeter, Swish, and Bartolo that are racking up the errors and earned runs.) Ugly.

That was a nice job by Golson keeping the ball in front of him when laying out. Then again, he didn’t have to lay out since he had no shot at catching it.
Zobrist crushes one into the 2nd deck in right. 7-0 Rays. The fan throws the ball back onto the field. Sign him to pitch the rest of this game.

It’s going to be a long night. I may leave early. These were the tix I payed through the nose for because Jeter was 2 hits from 3K. Then it got rained out and he made history the next day instead. This game has a distinclty different feel than that one would have…the only downside to tonight is seeing how badly Bartolo is doing. Their # 3 slot is a complete crapshoot at this stage.

That one too. Maybe it’s me. I get this from
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If Upton doubles in his next at bat to complete the cycle, I hope it is off of another pitcher. That would be cool; each part of the cycle off a different pitcher. I wonder how many times that has happened before?

Gerbil –
You as disappointed as I am by the Modern Familes new episodes? It seems like it’s settling into a safe, long run.
Another great show for you: Game of Thrones. It’s worth the cost of HBO alone, but their online offerings means you can watch every show they’ve ever made.
Glad that these Yankee games are meaningless.

Exactly on Modern. It’s like they’re saving the jokes for sweeps. For two episodes, it felt like a waste.
I haven’t watched the Wire either – seems like a big commitment but one we’ll have to make sooner or later, maybe this winter.
GoT is amazing though. Peter Dinklage is going to win an Emmy before it’s over. HBO Go is a great product. Add in Boardwalk Empire plus Curb Your Enthusiasm and their entire catalog and you’re set for hundreds of hours of great viewing.

Game of Thrones is AMAZING. If you haven’t read the series I highly recommend it as well. Peter Dinklage is phenomenal as Tyrion, and definitely deserved the Emmy he won on Sunday.
The Wire is fantastic too.

Read the article AG as i had no problem pulling it up from my laptop (just not from blackberry) – tks. And yes I agree, it’s important to remember that closers used to come in for the highest pressure late-inning situations (often with guys on base in a tight game) and used to pitch more innings per game on average than today’s closers, especially when trying to compare between eras.
As he notes, remembering that helps us better appreciate what the old-timers like Gossage and Fingers did, and also puts the saves-stat in better perspective. It does raise the question of how you do measure the best relief pitchers? By ERA? By WHIP? By some disaggregation of the situations in which they entered the game beyond the simple “3 or less run-lead”. John Flaherty insisted that when he caught for the Yankees you would clearly see the opposing team tighenting up and pressing in the late innings knowing that Rivera was coming and they needed to get their runs by the 8th. And opposing players and managers have admitted as much. How do you measure that? I’m sure Paul or others are aware of articles arguing how best to compare relief pitchers over eras. I’d be curious to read and see – by those measures – how Rivera stacks up.

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