Just Win: Phillies-Yanks WS Gamer II

Just win, baby. Comment away.

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Jesus Christ…you are fucking awful guys. Just pathetic. Making Pedro look like a fucking superstar.
I think I just puked in my mouth a little…

Pedro fucking Martinez. Simply masterful out there on the mound, despite topping out at 87. Look at that fucking swagger.
Burnett looks like he’s in the groove too… so this could be a pretty quick game.

yanks are messing up if they don’t ask the umps to check the ball…pedro’s never had that much movement…that, and they need to wait him out…they’re swinging at shit…how funny is it that the home plate ump’s name is ‘jeff nelson’?….hehehe

“Hey, try not to get any on the fucking screen Ath”
hehehe…too bad they didn’t keep him krueg…they’d be playin’ instead of watchin’
how funny is it that mcbuckfucker keeps calling burnett beckett…ha

Go away Damon…seriously. You are completely worthless and I’m pretty sure you are a Red Sox spy. You piece of garbage, old balls loser.
Is this where AJ falls apart? Or can he get the Fat Canuck?

Ya, was ready to leave at 6, and then one of those “before you go, take a look at this”..
And now I’m still at work.. at least there’s a TV with the game on, but I don’t want to stay the entire game!
And the Phils score on a couple of freak hits.. bah. 1-0.

Pedro is at 35 pitches despite getting almost everybody out though, so the Yanks are working him well. If we can get to the bullpen, anything can happen!

I wish these guys would stop with the Pedro/Red Sox/03/04/Zimmer, etc crap, this is the only game I’m going to watch because I love Pedro more than my little brother.

JH flies out to right, and Pedro works around a Matsui single.
Pedro is actually at 43 pitches through 7 hitters – that’s 6 pitch per AB! The silver lining so far in this game..

Is it not amazing that we’ve come this far Lar and this is how they play? With everything on the line? Just a complete and total choke job?
The Phillies are a vastly superior team.
Which is it???

Ath – well 5, but ya.
JD flies out to the warning track. I still think he’s hittable, but AJ can easily give the house away anyhow.
And with that, I will go to a bar, done with work, kind of.

Every time I see Hairston at the plate I am cursing another Girardi blunder. I know he’s slumping, but Swisher can bat lefty against a fly ball pitcher in Yankee Stadium. I mean, the guy did hit 27 HRs this year.
Jesus, Joe, get your best players on the field and let them play.

Good job by AJ after the double…now let’s go to work on Pedro. Oh, wait, we have Melky and Molina due up…must be nice for the Phils to see the familiarity of a National League lineup there tonight.

ya know…one thing we can all agree on is that mcbuckfucker is the worst announcer combo of all time…sad really that these 2 fools are calling such important games…unreal…fox is clueless…josh burnett…ha

Although I notice both pitchers are zeroing in on the left side of the plate (from the ump’s perspective) – smart, I guess, cause that’s where he’s giving all the leeway. He’s calling the other side tighter.

Just got back home.. that was an insanely long subway ride, but at least I’m happier to see the score.. at least so far.
Alright Posada, lay it on me!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THE BUNT STRIKE THREE??????????????????? One the bunt never should have been on the first place, Jeets is the only one hitting consistently in this series so far.
October 2009: Managers Gone Wild.

As insanely micromanaging Joe G might be, I can’t imagine he gave the bunt sign.. it’s probably all Jeter there.
Alright, Damon and Tex coming up.

He threw to second because he didn’t know there was an out and he wanted to try to get the lead run…if he knew there was an out at first..he would have just ran to first and gotten the second out at first.

What a terrible, game-changing call.
You have to be absolutely sure that was caught in the air. No person could be absolutely sure.
Instant. Replay. Bud. Selig. You. Ass.

walein – I don’t know if I agree with that only because the sure out was at first – he was so behind that by the time he threw it even Posada, the slowest guy ever, was at second..

walein – ya, that’s what I meant, though not a heads up play, because he should’ve gone to first at that point to get the “sure” out..

Mo at 23 pitches. They really made him work that inning, even with the double play. Well, I guess Rollins had 11 pitches by himself.
Alright, here’s Mark, Alex, and Matsui.

Mo looked fine to mke there. Slightly worrying that he couldn’t put Rollins away, but it was a tough AB, so I give him credit. Victorino’s hit was a dribbler that bled through (and sort of an example why despite all the punditry about his stellar defense, Teix really only has average range at 1B). He got ahead of Utley, a dangerous hitter in a tough spot, so was careful before he put him away. Seems fine to me.

Well, Utley did beat the throw, and on the surface that might seem like a makeup call for the disaster that ended the last inning. But, as gerbil pointed out, Victorino was way, way out of the basepaths trying to break it up and it should have been called.

Cano with a base hit, and they are threatening, with Gardner will be up.
I would debate PHing with Swisher, but you probably rather have the defense.. and it’s not like Swisher’s been anywhere near hot..

McCarver and Buck are already starting to hint at the A-Rod Choking in the WS storyline. No surprise, because they are incredible hacks. But It will really make me sick if it becomes a story, as he absolutely carried our offense through the first 2 rounds.

BTW that’s the first and only strikeout of the game (ARod’s) that they didn’t show a replay
let alone a replay with there super awesome strikezone machine.

Bernie’s beloved by everybody, including me, and in the 90s he’s always carried the Yanks in the first two rounds, before fading a bit in the WS. Eh, it happens.
Wow, Ump really generous with the strike zone. I’m okay if Mo gets the same calls..

Also, a note on the last A-Rod K: it appeared the last pitch calle dstrike 3 was off the plate – I certainly thouht it was. Pitch FX, however, indicates it was well with the hrozontal boundary of the strikezome. The 2 previous pitches, that he fouled off, were way, way inside – almost by a foot and a half, which is why the last one looked so far off when actually it was a strike.
This brings up the point, though, that Jeff Nelson has been calling pitches way off the plate on that side strikes all night – I noted earlier in this thread the strike one call to Cano that was 16-17 inches off the plate to that side, so it’s hard to blame A-Rod for being overprotective of that portion of the “plate.”
Just an example of how a poorly called zone can negatively affect the game.

Oh, and Howard has K’ed three times toniht so far, after King twice last night. I don’t hear Buck and McCarver hinting about his suckiness yet though. No, they are saying the Phillies got screwedd because he should have been up in a big situation last inning.
UPDATE: Howard’s fourth K of the night.

Oh, and that Fox strikezone thing further proves my point about Nelson’s strikezone. It seems the pitchers have been aware of it all night, and are taking full advantage.

Atheose…the problem is that side of the plate has gotten that call all night and then suddenly, the outside pitch to the right handed batter came into play…just for the Yanks

Ibanez’s double notwithstanding, these lefties are basically helpless against Mo with nelson behind the plate. When he can pound the cutter in and then take advantage of that huge zone on the other side of the plate, it’s basically good night…

Mo with 38 pitches, 11 by that insane AB by Rollins, but Yanks win game 2.
Yanks still not hitting, only 3 runs, but the pitching got it done tonight.

Buck Showalter is ON FIRE on the ESPN postgame…just hitting every facet of this game correctly.
When asked about Howard and A-Rod’s struggles: “They’re facing good pitching. That’s it. No need for panic.”
On Charlie Manuel saying Utley was safe on the double play: “Well, if you wanna get technical, Victorino slid way out of the basaepath, so it should have been a double play anyway.”
On Manuel’s managing in the 8th inning: “You can’t let your runners go station to station and expect a big inning against Mariano. It’s not gonna happen.”
On the blown double play call that ended the Yankees seventh: “It may have caused Mariano to be overworked a little. If they’re up by three or four, they may not turn to him for a six-out save.”
Man, it is so good to see some intelligent analysis after suffering through Buck and McCarver for three plus hours.

AJ picked the right time to pitch the game of his life…we knew he had the ability, we just hadn’t really seen him do it. Kudo’s AJ and thanks!
Mo. Man, what else can we say about the guy. He is a fucking legend. Can he get 3 more 2 inning saves since no one else in the pen can get anyone out? I think we all know the answer to that…
On my “Yankees World Series Mix” playlist for Friday at work:
“Celebration” Kool and the Gang
“Ain’t No Stopping Us Now” McFadden and White
“We Will Rock You” Queen
“Mama Said Knock You Out” LL Cool J
“Empire State of Mind” Jay-Z and Alicia Keys
“Theme from New York, New York” Frank
You guys get the point…
Am I bi-polar? Manic? Yes, yes I am… :)

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