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Just Win: Sox-Yanks Gamer

The Detroit Tigers have the seventh-best record in the American League, but are the most likely to be the first AL team to clinch their division.  By tomorrow morning they are likely to be relaxing, watching the chaos play out in the rest of the AL, rooting for Cabrera to stay atop the stats-lists that would win him the triple crown, and prepping for Justin Verlander to tee things up for them in a short-series against – someone.  Must be nice to play in the AL Central these days…

No such luxury for the Yankees, who have at least two, and likely three high-stakes games to play against the Red Sox.  But first things first.  CC Sabathia faces Clay Buccholz in the first game of what is the biggest late-season series in the Bronx in years.  All eyes on Mark Teixeira, who will be back in the lineup  for the first time in two weeks.  With Ivan Nova still slated to start tomorrow night, the Yankees need a bullpen-saving vintage CC performance tonight.

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The last 9 games for the Yanks have gone W, L, W, L, W, L, W, L, W. What a scuffle. And that first win was the absurd 14-inning game in which they were down by 4 going to the bottom of the 13th. I am having trouble focusing on work. Should have just called in sick for October.

Mark Teixeira leads the lead in sac flies.

Derek Jeter’s 213 hits are more hits in a single season than any player 38 or older has ever compiled other than Paul Molitor, who hit 225 in 1996.

One more GIDP and Jeter will tie his single-season-high of 24 set in 2008.

My work productivity has just gone from 0 to negative…i.e. I am bringing down the productivity of those around me.

I can completely see the Sox winning at least one game, while the O’s sweep the Rays.

One game playoff, lose.

Season over.

The Sox are going to play these three games like it’s the World Series.

Of course. This is the part where the villain starts the countdown on the nuclear bomb and screams: “If I go down, I’m taking you with me!”

Now start running…or something…this metaphor sucks. Anyway, we can only hobble you, not kill you.

Part of me, though, doubts that the Sox care much about the outcome here, and won’t invest themselves the way Sox fans hope. Not that “investment” matters much in the face of “talent”.

Anyway, I’ll be glad to absorb the tension on these threads post-facto. All these games take place while I’m at work, so I’ll only be able to check in briefly.

There is no fucking way the Sox should win this game tonight…no offense D…I’m just saying, they are fielding a minor league lineup, in the Bronx, with EVERYTHING on the line for us.

If we lose a single game this series, we are FUCKED. Which is pretty much what this season has been all year anyways…a clusterfuck of idiotic mistakes, piss-poor play and underachieving millionaire losers.

Time to quit fucking around and be the FUCKING NEW YORK YANKEES.

Outstanding start offensively…another 1-2-3 in a mind-numbing season of them.

Buchholz throwing a shutout in Yankee Stadium with the playoffs on the line and a AAAA lineup behind him. Sounds about right.

OH, and this is our full lineup too.

Leadoff double for some dude I’ve never heard of…

CC fucking sucks. This whole team fucking sucks.

I should have just stayed away. I’m not even watching the Wild Card game we are slotted for.

Something needs to change with this franchise. But it won’t.

Just got home from work. My Lord…gotta start the DVR from the start to see what happened here. Baltimore’s gotta be feeling it.

Only thing left to wonder about is whether Sabathia hits 200 innings for the year (would need 8 tonight).

Last question of the Warren-Brown debate from the awful David Gregory: Should Valentine be fired? Warren says no, Brown noncommittal, Kerry says bring on Manny Ortez.

Now Castig and Obie going on and on about Babe Ruth. Castig telling us which street he lived on in Baltimore.

It’s good to come home, feeling haggard, and see that at least the baseball gods are on your side for a few hours.

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