Just for the record: Pedro

Just for the record: Pedro has 7 starts in which he allowed one run or fewer. In four of these starts the Red Sox bullpen blew the lead in the 8th or 9th inning. In three the Red Sox failed to score any runs or scored one run. Let’s just wonder for a second if the Sox had done a tad better in his starts, say, saved two of the four wins and scored a mere TWO runs in three of the other games. Pedro would be 14-3 (including one start in which he gave up 10ER in 3 innings, an aberrant game that has, unrepresentative of the rest of his year, inflated his ERA). He would be the leading candidate for the ALCY, and therefore a case for him as the MVP of the Sox would not be off the wall. His W-L numbers are deceiving, and coming from you (the skeptic of the statistic, at that) the thinness of your statement about Pedro’s record is somewhat surprising. I don’t think you can factor bad luck or a bad bullpen into team MVP candidacy – his value exists independent of run support.