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Keep It Rollin’: Yanks-Sox Gamer II

On Baseball-Reference's front page, there's a stat called "SRS," which is how many runs above or below average each team is, based on run differential and strength of schedule. The Red Sox are at -0.9, the Yankees at -1.0. The Sox have looked terrible, but they've been pretty unlucky, too, while playing four of their seven games against very good teams.

At any rate, the task now turns to keeping this new streak alive, and the Sox turn to Clay Buchholz, who hopes to follow Jon Lester's lead and recapture his 2010 magic against Ivan Nova. If you're around on a Saturday afternoon, you can comment on all the action here.

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damn fox…forgot about the blackout…i’m stuck watching braves/phils…woohoo…way to go bpud…stick it to the fans…why am i paying for “extra innings” if i can’t get the game i want?…i want a rebate for every saturday…hello bpud…are you there?…i’m not watching the braves/phils, but i would’ve watched yanks/sox…tell that to your sponsors…a**hole…hopefully you guys can help me stay in touch…i’m not happy right now

Ok, Gardner grounded out to short, Jeter worked a walk after being in the hole 0-2 but was caught stealing (just barely), then Texeira struck out.
Buchholz looking good so far.

“…sees a similar love for playing the game….”
who wouldn’t love making $5.5m [ped] or $15m [jeter]?
i liked what i did for a living too, but i could’ve loved it for $5m ;)

Out by a mile, dc.
Buchholz stops the bleeding, but Lowrie is staring at another week of bench duty after that flub, and Clay needs to do way better with the bottom of the lineup. More shit play from the Sox, back to normal I guess.

Gardner strikes out. Could have been worse. Not sure this inning is indicative of how Buchholz’ season will turn out eventually, but yeah, he certainly lost it a little bit after the error.

dc, he was off on contact on a ball to Youk, so it wasn’t really a terrible play, more just sold professional baseball by the Sox, a rarity!

Twice the Sox put two on and twice the next batter strikes out weakly. Terrible.
Now Ellsbury pops out. Running out of words for “pathetic”.

Wow, the umpire sure seemed to make that call look inevitable. Replay was hardly conclusive. Would like to see another view.

Upon another view it is certainly looking like the umpire was calling Drew out no matter what happened. Drew not arguing means nothing: he doesn’t argue ever.

Not surprised that Nova is scuffling. Impressed that he’s holding it together so far. And sounds like his defense is helping a good deal. Following by audio only so apprecaite the commentary…

Errors, bad pitching, bad situational hitting, the Sox just continue to play poor baseball. Their record couldn’t be more deserved.

Ground-outs by A-Gon and Youk move Pedroia to third and home. Not exactly a rallye but a one-run game now.
What about hitting the monster on occasion? Or maybe put one over it?

Leadoff walk to Granderson, his second walk of the game. These to a guy who basically walks every third game. Not only that, but it’s the leadoff guy the half-inning after the Sox finally get back a run.
I seriously want to throw something at this stupid team.

Buchholz is what you would call “coming up small”.
Glad they won yesterday, but this season is still modestly fucked at the moment, particularly based on what the pitching has shown us so far.

So eight games this season, and starting pitchers have given up fewer than five runs in just ONE of those games. Best of luck with that, Sox.
(I think that’s right…)

I think it is only Lester’s effort in the last game against the Indians that qualifies. He got shelled in game 1, Lackey sucked both his starts, Matsuzaka gave up five, Beckett did nothing, and Buchholz has gotten fracked both of his starts.
Yeah, nothing to worry about at all. Everything’s fine.

Offense does it’s job and Clay is out. The Yanks success this season has been 5 parts offense; 1 part CC; and 2 parts bullpen. In this stadium with Nova on the mound the offense can’t let up.

it’s excruciating to “watch” games on gamecast or gameday…especially when they’re about 30 seconds behind what you guys are seeing with live tv…thanks again bpud…a**hole

Martin hits one out and Sterling just screamed something absolutely incomprehensible with a french accent. He really knows how to ruin a hume run. On the other hand, Martin has been fantastic in every aspect of the game so far this year.

I wonder how long we will have to keep reading “the Sox are X games under .500 and have yet to play anything resembling professional base all but this is why we should all just ignore that” threads?

No, everything is just fine! Seriously, nothing to worry about at all. Teams start 1-7 all the time and have no issues! Two more games played, still six games under .500 and probably seven under after tomorrow. After 6% of the season. At some point the deficit becomes statistically significant, right?
I feel like everyone around me is playing the Kevin Bacon scene at the end of Animal House.

I don’t think anything can or should be fixed right now. I am just pointing out that at some point all is not ok and we may have to accept that the Sox either do something historically significant or head to defeat. It seems to me that those who keep claiming that 1-7 or 1-8 is not a big deal are the ones who can’t accept the reality of the daunting task ahead.
This is not “normal”. And it keeps being portrayed as such, as nothing to get too worked up about.

Having watched the Yankees scuff in April and May for years on end, I honestly wouldn’t get too worked up. 11-19 looked awful too.
It is why they play 162 games, for these things to balance out. Even a Sox team 10 back in July I’ll still be worried about. They have too much talent and the wild card will be sitting there all season long.

under the circumstances, sf’s perspective is very understandable…i still hope we have a pennant race at some point, and that it’s not the current version…as in baltimore/toronto

Oh, hell yeah I hope we have a pennant race! I have tix to each of the last series in NY and Boston. Life is good! Either we get to step on throats or there’s blood everywhere.
It’s a long season though. I’d be worried by a 1-7 stretch, but it depends on what came before and what comes after.

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