Keep Manny, Hold the Clams

It’s good to see a genuine fan movement, and we certainly appreciate the sentiments of the 25,256 (and counting!) stalwarts who have signed the online petition at Some Bostonians have us a bit worried, though:

-"To avoid the public contact that Manny doesn’t care for, I’d build a dome over Boston Common and give Manny the only key."—Steve Homer #28

-"I would chain myself to Larry Lucchino’s car and refuse to unchain myself untill a guarantee that Manny would stay was signed executed. I would also bake him my special recipe brownies."—Rory Parnell #7596

-"I’m allergic to shellfish…I WILL EAT AN ENTIRE MEAL OF SHELLFISH!"—Ben Diercks #7654

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  • I had to contribute:
    29242. Soxfan – I’d give Dan Shaughnessy a backrub
    That’s a joke, by the way. The backrub part, that is.

    SF November 30, 2005, 7:13 pm
  • I will keep making bad movies until they agree to keep Manny in Boston!
    -Ben Affleck #8673
    I will also bake a special recipe of brownies. Then I will trade Manny.
    -Larry Luccino #6498

    mattymatty November 30, 2005, 8:10 pm

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