Keys to Recovery

The Sox are down, but not out. Can they come back? That remains to be seen. But here are a few friendly suggestions from YF & SF to help get them back on course, and make this the 7 game series we all want to see:

-New leadoff hitter: Nelson de la Rosa (it worked with Eddie Gaedel)
-Steal Sheffield’s “self-tanner”
-Sit Bill O’Reilly in Yankee Wives rooting section
-New team MD: Dr. Rudy Wells (That’s one for you Six Million Dollar Man buffs)
-New 3rd base coach: John Kerry (he knows how to bring it home)
-Move Green Monster in 20 feet when Sox at bat
-Johnny Damon: full body waxing
-Voodoo ceremony for Jobu
-Reading assignment: The Life You Imagine: Life Lessons for Achieving Your Dreams, by Derek Jeter*
-How does Blue Sox sound?
-Like, maybe someone could, you know, get a hit before the 7th

* See, esp. ch. 4, “The World Is Not Always Fair”

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