Tim Wakefield simply does not deserve to be in the starting rotation right now. In fact, I dare say he probably doesn’t deserve to be on any hypothetical postseason roster, the way he’s pitching. He simply cannot be trusted on the mound, his stuff is that bad.

So Terry, please, do something. Take him out of the rotation, move him to the pen. Find someone to spot-start, and do something about this. It’s time.

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  • We only wish SF were running things up in Boston. Take Wakefield out of the rotation? Leave him off the postseason roster? By all means, go right ahead!
    But wouldn’t it be more prudent to let him continue to pitch during these less-than-crucial last few weeks of the season, in the hopes that he might regain his form?

    YF September 20, 2004, 11:37 pm
  • You realize, I assume, that the Sox have to 1) get to the playoffs, and 2) beat another team, before Wakefield has a chance to square off against the Yankees. (1) is likely, (2) less so. It’s obviously more important to win a first series than to tailor a lineup for a potential second series, against a team that, like the Sox, has no assurances of making it past the first round. My thoughts are not reflexive ones based on the start last night, but more about long-term post-season success. Wakefield, if on the roster, probably should be placed in the bullpen. Barring any changes in his season down the stretch, and he’s got a 5.00 ERA at this point, I would go with either Lowe or Arroyo over him in the playoff rotation. As for starting him down the stretch and not moving him to the pen now, that’s a good point: if the Sox are a lock to be in the playoffs, let him eat some of Pedro’s and Curt’s innings right now, rest them up for the games that matter.

    SF September 21, 2004, 7:13 am

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