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Labor Day Weekend Just Got a Little More Interesting

It’ll be Sox v Sox, and Manny just took delivery on a bucket of Clorox.

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i don’t suppose you’ve heard whether the redsox front office is planning a “manny day” during the whitesox visit?
all kidding aside, it will be interesting to see what kind of reception he gets considering most everyone thought he was a jerk in his final days in a boston uniform…

Olney crucified Manny’s LA-exit last night – getting booted on a first-strike-call argument when he was brought on to PH in the 6th with the bases loaded and then racing off to the showers. Called it one of the 10 most unprofesional moments he can recall in baseball. Manny sure does have a way of exiting classy. Seriously – why wouldn’t you put in one serious AB with the bases loaded there? Guy’s getting paid about $100K/game and he can’t put one final day of effort? i hope he flops horribly with the WS and no one picks him up next year. But I suspect just the opposite will happen. He can still rake.

yeah, his numbers were pretty darn good with the dodgers this year considering he compiled them in 66 games due to 3 trips to the DL…
8 homers and 40 rbi
since he can DH in the AL, it’s possibly a good pickup…i say “possibly” because who knows if the good manny or the bad manny will show up…it’ll be hilarious the first time he crosses ozzie, like not running out a ground ball or something…

just realized what an idiot i am… ;) forgot manny had already returned to boston earlier this season with the dodgers…sheesh…scratch my opening comment at 12:58…chalk it up to a brain cramp…

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