Last night Sammy hopped TWICE

Last night Sammy hopped TWICE in the ninth, instead of his one little cutesy signature move, after tying it. What a tant showboat. I didn’t hear (nor have ever heard) any questioning of Sammy’s sportsmanship, even though his hop seems like a crafty canned effort to draw attention to his own feat, which would qualify as the definition of showboating. The announcers (and you) have an easy target in Manny. Find someone more difficult to direct easy potshots at, or at least take them at Manny when he actually deserves them (like when he’s out drinking with a Yankee even though he’s sick and begs out of at-bats the same day), not when he has just hit the most emotional, clutch home run of his career. Here’s hoping Manny has something to stare at in personal celebration, for an even longer time, in the coming few days. I am not going to start holding my breath, of course. As an aside, I am unlikely to be blogging for several days – off to Oregon to deliver a lecture. In fact, I may not get to see Games 2 or 3, unfortunately. Back Sunday.