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Late Thread: Mariners-Sox Gamer VI

Comment here, if anyone is even around on this glorious Sunday.

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This started nicely with homers from Pedroia and Ortiz in the first and turned into the same old crap with a Pedroia error which led to three unearned runs in the fourth.
4-2 Mariners and Papi just struck out with two runners in scoring position to end the fifth.
I see a sweep on the horizon. Wasn’t that supposed to be the homestand where we put some distance between us and the Yankees?

This game eats. That error really hacked me off, along with that semi-bloop triple into the corner to score three with two out.

Normally I’d say a three run lead is safe with our pen. We’ll see.
The Blue Jays blew a four run lead to the Yankees who are now leading 10-8. Haven’t check the number of home runs in that one.

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