Leading with Your Chin the Twins

We’re up in the Berkshires, which means that we’re stuck with the New England Edition of the paper of record. It’s a bit shorter, and we lose most of the Metro fodder. Sports is condensed. Fine. Condensed we can understand. But we’re having a hard time understanding the news judgment that, after a huge trade for the Yanks (along with an afternoon win that puts them in a virtual tie for first), and after a win for the Mets—to say nothing of the Red Sox loss, which came after deadline—chooses to lead the section with…a recap of the Twins-Tigers game. Huh?! We know the Times has a piece of the Red Sox action, but we still don’t see how that story can possibly land above the Abreu deal, which certainly has greater ramification for the Sox than an AL Central score, nevermind the Wild Card standings. Not a good way to retain the section’s moral authority.

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  • YF: you would cry if you had to read what they pass off as a baseball section out here. Thank god, or Gore, or whomever for the web.

    attackgerbil July 31, 2006, 3:40 pm

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