Leaving Matsui off the ballot

Leaving Matsui off the ballot is wrong, and degrades the award for Berroa. “Rookie” is a strictly defined term. If the BBWAA doesn’t like the designation, they can create a new award. As it is players with long careers in other leagues have a long history of exploding in the majors (this was especially true in the beginning of the century, when high quality players were either stuck in or chose to remain in indepentend leagues like the PCL). I’m also concerned with at least the perception of xenophobia. Americans, or colonialized Americans, can win this award, but there’s a big hubbub about a Japanese player? Hmm. Interestingly, according to the Times voting chart, Berroa and Matsui received the same total number of votes when you combine the first, second, and third place counts. So apparently two voters also left Berroa off their ballots as well, though the paper did not report this. What were those people thinking?

Posted by YF on 11/11/2003 04:00:42 PM