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Let’s Get On With It: Rangers-Yanks ALCS Gamer IV

C.C. may help us stay alive to fight another day, but who knows what life these Yankee bats will bring to this afternoon’s dance against C.J. Wilson.

Comment away.

E. Andrus ss .294
M. Young 3b .368
J. Hamilton cf .333
V. Guerrero dh .333
N. Cruz lf .333
I. Kinsler 2b .143
J. Francoeur rf .167
M. Treanor c .500
M. Moreland 1b .364
C.J. Wilson 3.86
NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .278
N. Swisher rf .067
R. Cano 2b .467
A. Rodriguez 3b .133
M. Thames dh .200
L. Berkman 1b .286
J. Posada c .167
C. Granderson cf .182
B. Gardner lf .250
C. Sabathia 11.25

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Hey boys. I don’t mean to go off-topic, but last night (well, early this morning), my wife had our first child, a son. His name is Malcolm, he is (or was at birth) 10 lbs, 4 oz, 22 inches long, and he has my hair (dark, his mom’s is red). I cannot believe how much my wife went through last night (pitocin-induced because he was two weeks overdue, no epidural or pain meds, episiotomy because his head was so big). She is a motherf*cking champion, and this baby is a rock star. I might post a link to pics or whatnot later.
Good luck, YFs. I don’t think anyone is counting your team out (unless they are morons).

Swisher and Cano go back to back, though they could’ve (well maybe Swisher) found a more critical time to do it, but I’ll take it. 5-0.
Cano is red hot, but they’re still down 3-1 in the series.

Really awesome Devine. Psyched for you and for her. Here I was feeling like I endured the most painful evening last night in my nosebleed seats at the AJ Burnett/Joe Girardi/Joba Chamerblain massacre. I wasn’t even close. Of course the payoff for you and your wife is SUBSTANTIALLY better :)

If the Yanks can find a way to not blow this, then they’ll have a heartbeat. Hughes would have to block out of his mind the beatdown he took less than a week ago to picthc a solid game 6, but it’s not inconceivable. Of course, even in that rosiest of scenarios they’d win a date with Cliff Lee in game 7. Yippee. But doing so would turn utter humiliation into simply a series defeat. First things first – try to hold a 5-run lead at home fellas.

Weird play though, attempted bunt with one out, man on second. I get playing for a run, but not when you’re down 5. I guess their confidence reigns right now.

ARod with a ground rule double — a break for the Rangers as Gardner was at first. Still a good sign, and let’s hope we don’t need the run.
Wilson still out there, presumably to take one for the team in a 3-1 series lead. Let’s hope they keep hitting like this and never stop.

Long deep fly ball to get one run in. The Yanks just can’t do things the easy way, can they? Well, the 6-1 lead makes this one easier to swallow though. Still a chance though.

Bases loaded, one out and the Yanks only got one out of it. Maybe I’m a cup half empty kind of guy, at least today, but hopefully the odds will even out game 6 and 7 and Yanks actually score those runs.
At the very least, no celebration tonight is what I hope for.

CC at 112 pitches after 6, so presumably he’s done. Let’s hope the Yanks tack on a few runs and maybe give Mo and inning of easy work, and let’s go to game 6.

And let’s hope the Yanks wear out their pen just a little bit. Granderson with a double off the wall, going the other way against Kirkman the lefty. Missed a HR by maybe 5 feet off the top of the wall down the line. Encouraging sign.

Swisher with a double play, proving that once again, they couldn’t score with a man on second, no outs, or a man on third, one out. Still 6-2.

Phil Hughes can realy show us all something tomorrow. Biggest start of his still-young-career, esp coming off the shellacking he took in TX last week. I’m just happy to have at least one more day of baseball put back on the calendar! Am dreading the off-season…I’ve really lost interest in pretty much all other sports.

I didn’t see the message from Devine…
FYI…I am 6’6″ and 300 LBS and was 9 lbs, 9 oz at birth so your son could be a MONSTER! Defensive lineman?

Devine: my wife and I chose a natural birth at home for our first baby, who now approaches his fourth birthday and will have a sister in a couple weeks. I would not pretend to know what you, your wife, or my wife went through, but I sure do know what you are talking about. Amazing stuff on levels impossible to comprehend when it is all put together. Sincerely, my best.

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