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Let’s Go: Yanks-Rays Gamer I

The season begins for the Bombers today, who face James Shields at the Trop. C.C. is on the mound for New York. It’s a 3pm start. Gee, it is too bad I feel a cough coming on and might just have to get home early today to tend it.

Lineups follow, comment away.

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday for you Sox fans. It was crunch time at work, and more importantly, it was also opening day for little gerbil at his first tee ball practice. Gehrig’s number. *sniff sniff*.

NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .000
C. Granderson cf .000
R. Cano 2b .000
A. Rodriguez 3b .000
M. Teixeira 1b .000
N. Swisher rf .000
R. Ibanez dh .000
R. Martin c .000
B. Gardner lf .000
C. Sabathia NA
Tampa Bay
D. Jennings cf .000
B. Zobrist rf .000
E. Longoria 3b .000
J. Keppinger dh .000
S. Rodriguez ss .000
C. Pena 1b .000
E. Johnson 2b .000
J. Molina c .000
M. Joyce lf .000
J. Shields NA

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Worked out, detailed and waxed my truck and now I am READY FOR SOME BASEBALL!!!!

30 minutes until the pre game show on YES…although I will miss Kim Jones greatly, the new girl looks very hot, I mean professional.

Not to beat last year’s dead horse, but I still really would like to see Brett Gardner leading off. His OBP is comparable to Jeter’s (last year Gardner’s OBP was .345 and Jeter’s was .355) and he is substantially more disruptive on the basepads.
Plus, he works counts. Last year Gardner was 10th in all of baseball in terms of most pitches seen per AB (4.19) while Jeter was 63rd (3.85) and that can only help the guys hitting behind him. Plus Jeter hits so often to the right side that with Gardner on base and Jeter hitting second you’d have a great shot at Gardner getting to 3rd on singles or opening up a big hole right where Jeter likes to hit it on hit and run plays.
Would someone who knows baseball better than me please explain why this is a bad idea? I know it only really matters in the 1st inning, but a Gardner, Jeter, Granderson, Cano, A-Rod (I have no problem bumping A-Rod to 5th and keeping Cano in the cleanup spot at this stage in their careers) seems to me the best top half of the lineup for this team.

Egos. Right?
I would like to se Gardner swing at a few first pitches this year. He gives up strike one FAR too easily and often times finds himself in bad counts. Take some hacks Brett!
For me, I want to see ARod and Swisher step up this year. If we have Cano, Curtis and Tex going and one of the two I mentioned has a big year, we’re going to be very dangerous. We had too many holes in the lineup last year. Too few “clutch” hits and it showed big time in the playoffs.
I expect our pitching to be SICK this year. Like, all-time Yankee great maybe. I think CC is going to be a beast this year. He didn’t have a “CC” like year at all in ’11. He looks a little slimmer (hey, give the guy a break, he’s krueg-size!) I just have that feeling.
Maybe Hughes has a good year? He looked much better in the Spring. I don’t really trust him though. CSN will be fine, as will Pineda. Kuroda is a crafty veteran, so I’m not worried about him. Pettitte is a God so there’s that in a month…
The bullpen should be dominant. Like, really, really good. Next.
Our only kryptonite is injuries obviously. Can the elder Yankees hold up? I think Joe will really rest them this year. More than they’d like. Because the end of the season is going to be a dog fight. There are a lot of good teams in the AL. Angels, Rangers, Tigres, Rays, Sox, BLUE JAYS…have to stay healthy to stay on top of those teams.
I expect a great season. I am stoked. I am happy. I am ready.

Looks like Jeter’s not too bad at the job of being 1st.
2011, leading off in the first inning
Jeter 96 PA .352/.406/.443
Gardner 57 PA .167/.298/.229
2011, leading off any inning
Jeter 194 PA .330/.381/.430
Gardner 178 PA .278/.360/.380
Over his career, Jeter leading off in the first:
Jeter .350/.402/.510

Won’t be watching the game today, but WOW at Jeter’s slugging leading off in first…it does feel to me like he hits a lot of first-AB home runs, but that might be, you know, selective bad memories.

Kinda hard to blame CC there. He gave up a few singles and then was forced to walk a poor hitter to pitch to one of the better homerun hitters in the game with the bases loaded.
That one’s ALL on Girardi. What an unadulteratedly stupid move.

Oh, and thanks gerb for the leadoff stats…
I hate the IBB in the 1st too Andrew, but Joe didn’t put the previous two guys on nor did he give up a freaking grand slam.

Lou is the reason I am a Yankee fan. My mother was in love with him and was therefore a Yankee fan. I watched Yankee games with her.
Thanks Lou!

AROD SNAGS A LINER!!!!! 3 outs.
6-5 after 5. CC held the lead through 5. Somehow.
Now we need a couple more runs and a solid bullpen debut.

Thanks for the commentary krueg – I’m not watching but am enjoying following here. Rough one for CC today and seems like the defense has come up pretty big. I’ll take a battle of the bullpens with any team this year as long as Soriano, Robertson, and Mo are healthy. Boone Logan? Not so much…

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