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Let’s Not Do That Again: Royals-Yanks Gamer III

Tonight can't be as bad as last night, right?  Right??  It's up to Ivan Nova and the all-or-nothing Yankee bats to make sure it won't be. 

They face off against the scrappy Royals, who send reliever-turned-starter Sean O'Sullivan to the mound.  O'Sullivan has gone 1-1 with a 2.16 ERA as a starter.  Absolutely beautiful night for baseball here in New York.

Thankfully Cano is well enough to start after being plunked in the head last night, Jeter will DH while Nunez slots in at SS and Cervelli squats behind the plate so Russell the Muscle can prepare to start all three games against the Sox this weekend. 

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This Hosmer guy is beating the snot out of us.
And then Cano flubs what looked like an easy DP, pulling Nunez off th bag. Instead of 2 outs, they get 0. That really sucks. 2 on, none out, a run already in on the HR. And now a wild pitch. This team looks horrific right now. Seriously horrific.

Cano wheels around on a grounder and Nunez doesn’t hold his foot on the bag. Probably an E4 as the throw was jinky. Now a passed ball. Runners up to 2nd and 3rd.

Slow-ish grounder to third.. ARod makes the best play he can on a bare-handed throw, but the runner is called safe and the run scores.
Great play by Alex. Bang bang. He looked safe.

Weak infield hit to third and A-Rod can’t get to it in time to get the out at first. Another run scores, it’s 1st and 3rd now still with 1 out. That’s really no one’s fault I gu4ess, but nevertheless, I may seriously need to turn this team off for a couple innings to regain my sanity.

Double for Melky. 3-0 Royals. 2nd and 3rd and no outs. We’ve made Melky, Hosmer, and Wilson Betemit look like world-beaters last night and already tonight.
I’m out. I can’t take this. Really. Good night. Will keep an eye on the score and see you guys again if it doesn’t seem hazardous to my mental health.

Ha! I couldn’t leave in time to avoid hearing Cervelli throw the ball into CF. This is awesome. As in awesomely bad. How bad is this team right now? Seriously. Is ANYONE playing this badly right now???

Yeah…I’m not watching this game. Or this weekend probably. We are going to let the Sox get back to .500…not soon after, we’ll be in 3rd.

Francoeur singles to right, Swisher short-hops the throw and Cervelli has to come out from the plate which allows Gordon to score. Francoeur advances to second.

AG – they made 4 errors or near-errors in that inning, no?? Cano flubs toss to Nunez. Cervelli passed ball. Cervelli throws the ball into CF. Nova bobbles come-backer that should have been a DP (Home to 1B) or at least an out at home to cut down that run. Seriously. Isn’t that right? I know they are not all counted as Es, but that’s pretty much why the game is now 6-0 and not 1-0 or 2-0, right? I can’t handle it.

ARod leads off the second.
Takes ball away, then ball two tight. He fouls off a pitch away for 2-1. Inside makes it 3-1. The next pitch is a half-foot off the plate, but called a strike to make the count full. A grounder to Aviles is tossed to Hosmer for the first out.

Cano takes ball one. Then they show a couple of replays of the bean-ball from last night. He fouls a high-outside pitch. Now a nice stroke to left center, but Melky tracks it for out number two.

Swisher up with two away, and takes a strike at the knees. The 0-1 is high and a bit outside. Now O’Sullivan comes low in, but Swisher doesn’t bite. Next pitch is a hard shot up first but Hosmer makes a really good diving stab and tosses back to O’Sullivan covering the bag to record the 3-1 and end the inning.
I’m done. Take care, folks.

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