Letter from Moskva: Dyerek vs. Nyomar

YF leaves the country for 36 hours and already there’s chaos. A governor comes out, Julia passes on, and Sheff’s gonna retire. What next? At least some things haven’t changed: we’re happy to see El Duque keeps on winning and winning and winning.

But here’s an early report from the field: the greatest rivalry in sports is alive and well in Russia. Bring 300 rubles to Red Square and you, too, can be the proud owner of a hand-painted Derek Jeter (that’s Zheeter, in the local parlance) Matryushka doll. Inside, in appropriately descending order, come “Rodrigues,” Bernie, Jorge, and Matsui.

And that guy sitting next to us at a cafe on ritzy Kutuzovsky Prospekt? Yeah, he was wearing a Nomar jersey, and no he wasn’t American. I didn’t have the heart to tell him the news, but, well, maybe he’s already heard.

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  • Greetings to YF, when he next checks in. I am wondering if he can check to see if there is a managerial version of the Russian doll, Red Sox style, with the biggest and most outer shell a Joe Cronin or Dick Williams, shrinking down (both physically and symbolically) to a medium Don Zimmer, a miniature Grady Little/Joe Morgan/Jimy Williams siamese-triplet doll, then to a Butch Hobson, then on to the two tiniest, a John McNamara and our current model, a tiny ant-sized version of Tito…
    Actually, maybe Hobson should be the tiniest. Or McNamara. Or wait, maybe Tito. (Damn, I would hate to be the guy making THAT doll…)

    SF August 13, 2004, 5:00 pm

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