Light posting this weekend –

Light posting this weekend – crazy work schedule, deadlines. Hopefully some good will come out of the weekend, 2 of 3 from Seattle would be a big boost, gain ground on both the West leader as well as the wild card. Again, I don’t care who of the A’s or Seattle ends up going home, but I still am more than mildly concerned about whether the Red Sox will be there at the end after witnessing the past 10 days. As for the Bombers this weekend, I am still keeping my fingers crossed that something horrible happens, I am not ashamed to admit that I more than occasionally root for painfully torn ACLs. As for Bonds, well, I say pitch to him. He only (only!!!) gets on base 1/2 the time, but if you walk him he’s on 100%, can still run adequately, and he isn’t exactly surrounded by zeros. As for the Giants, they are good, but let’s see how the pitching staff holds up under playoff pressure – Ponson has never thrown in the playoffs, and their starting staff has been held together by a rookie. Good, for sure, but let’s see what happens in the pressure cooker.

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    Griffith91 July 25, 2008, 3:53 pm