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Like We Done A Thousand Times Before: Sox-Yanks Gamer

Clay Buchholz is on the mound for the Sox, while Javier Vazquez pitches for the Bombers.  Comment away.

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Imagine the Sox take three here? What the hell should we think then? A team, that by all accounts, should be dead and gone, would still be alive in this division. It’s a definitive hat tip to the bench and lower levels of the Boston organization no matter the outcome this weekend, which I hope is good. This year has been one mired in mediocrity through no real fault of anyone; injuries have put them in the position they’re in, and while I hate excuses, this team is one bitten for sure.
I hope the games are good, because if the Yankees let the Red Sox back in this thing this weekend, they may just come to regret it. Big time.

I have to work tonight and am disappointed because I really, really wish that I would be able to watch this game. The phone will be set for alerts every half-inning. Tomorrow night is a work night as well. I will watch the Sunday (and maybe Monday) game. I really like this time of the season. There is drama when it comes down to Fifty games, when teams as good as Boston, Tampa, New York work for their resolve, which they do in spite of each and every reason that people tell me to not like baseball.

I’m heading out in a minute to watch the game…any advantage gained by all the Sox injuries is mitigated with Javy starting.
I expect a loss…and many shots of tequila. Hopefully no fights!!! GO YANKEES!!

i will watch the games, but can’t say i’m excited about them. youks injury was a punch in the gut. the pitching matchups look favorable, and it should be a good series. i’m just not gonna hang on every out like years passed.
okajima to the dl.

never thought i’d see a yankees-sox gamer with only 6 comments [7 with mine]…sign of the times i guess…i agree with your comments brad…the way the sox have hung in this thing under the circumstances has made them, well, ugh, almost likeable…it’s not an excuse when the injuries have been of the nature and volume that the sox have experienced…i give them a lot of credit, and i never counted them out…i see a manager of the year award in francona’s future…

Berkman took out ARod in batting practice…he’s scratched from the game.
Great impression so far Lance. You dick.
CC has to be on top of his game today. He’s not been lately.
Losing this game would be a serious blow. This slump cannot be allowed to continue. Something must be done.
Let’s watch.

Beltre doubles…CC is getting hammered already. This game is over.
Unreal that we are going to lose this fucking series. How can they be playing this horribly??? Basically the entire team???

You just never know when our starter is going to fall apart…1st? 2nd? 4th? It’s really the only certainty at this point. Besides losing.

McCarver now has not only called Scutaro Mario earlier in the game, he now has told us how Girardi thinks about using Doubront. Nice that the Yankee manager is thinking about how to use Boston pitchers. And we know that McCarver has lost it.

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