LIPS doesn’t really answer the

LIPS doesn’t really answer the question at hand, as it makes no distinction between home and away. Also, this should be an aggregate team statistic. LIPS seems a very unreliable indicator to me. Home team records in extra inning games might be an easier to find, better indicator. Has this percentage shifted in favor of the home team in the last x years. As for the A’s, I definitely think they’re dangerous, but my impression based on the past 3 games is that they’re not as deadly as they have been in years past. To me, the Sox are a more threatening opponent. We saw last year how devastating a team that’s solid 1-9 in the batting order can be if they get even remotely decent pitching. That was the Angels. The 98 Yankees were the ultimate team in this respect. The A’s don’t make you cringe at the top and bottom of their order. The Mariners have hitting, speed, decent starters, a good pen, and are on pace to blow away the single-season team fielding percentage record. They’re both good teams. Either one is going to be a playoff problem.

Posted by YF on 8/4/2003 06:17:41 PM