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Long Day’s Journey Into Night: Yanks-O’s Doubleheader

Bartolo just struck his way out of a jam in the top of the first, and I detected a message: Believe in me! I am Bartolo Colon, my butt cells have been injected into my right arm and I am a #2!

The message is important because if we all believe it, including Cashman and the Steinbrenners, then the Yanks hold onto Montero, Betances et al, and Ubaldo or Kuroda don't come here. This game is interesting for the subtext. And if you all started believing more in subtext, then a Baltimore Orioles game can be a fascinating thing. Two of them makes life doubling fascinating!

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We’re screwed either way…they’ll ruin the young pitchers, Montero actually being good is a smoke screen or else the kid would be playing in the majors at some point. What is he, like 28 by now?
There is no help via trade. We are stuck with this underwhelming, old, slow, injury-ridden bunch.
No hope. No WS. No anything.
We are doomed.

Only the Yankees can SAC bunt and get the runner thrown out at 2nd…of course Posada is slower than my 90-year-old grandmother.

Colon meltdown. 76 pitches in the 4th.
Bullpen will puke up about 7 more.
I’m fucking done. Back-to-back losses to the fucking basement dwelling Orioles….at home. We are a fucking joke. Period.

“By the way, it’s pretty obvious the Yanks are going to deal for a pitcher.”
Probably…but will said pitcher be a difference-maker? Doubtful.

Man, that’s a tough question. I say yes, that he’s worth a lot since he’s young, has a track record of being an ace, is cost -controlled and I don’t trust the Yanks to find a place for Montero on the team. I mean I guess I don’t think he’s worth the farm, but Montero/Betances/Nova? Sure.

I guess if you could keep Banuelos…I would do it too. Although I have no faith in our team to develop any young pitchers really…

Champagne Super Nova is back for tonight’s game…I am interested to see how he fairs. He certainly can’t be worse than Hughes. Can he???

GREAT play by Gardner saves Nova’s sorry-ass…still…30 pitches. 1 inning.
We need about 10 runs tonight but unfortunately their is a lefty on the mound so forget about it.

JETER!!!!!!! 7-0!!!!!!! 2-RUN SINGLE…gets to 2nd on the throw…
2nd and 3rd with 1 out…batted around…unreal.
Every game should be like this.

I wasn’t convinced Ubaldo was the answer for us…but he has a cool name…

Looks like it, Krueg. No word yet on what we gave up, though it probably isn’t very much given Harden’s injury history.
Supposedly the package the Yankees offered for Jimenez had Hughes as the main piece.

Harden is one of those pitchers that comes with the word “potential” and a groan.
He was lights-out a few years ago with the Cubs. Can’t stay healthy, though.

He’s still young, and even though we don’t have a spot for him on the major-league roster I don’t like selling a prospect while his value is low, at least with a prospect like Lars who I expect to rise some.
Oh well, Red Sox win.

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